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The release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision,
  1. The release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision
    • - I went to court and was put on probation
  2. The process or period of testing or observing the character or abilities of a person in a certain role, for example, a new employee
    • - for an initial period of probation, your manager will closely monitor your progress

  1. a trial period during which your character and abilities are tested to see whether you are suitable for work or for membership
  2. a trial period during which an offender has time to redeem himself or herself
  3. (law) a way of dealing with offenders without imprisoning them; a defendant found guilty of a crime is released by the court without imprisonment subject to conditions imposed by the court; "probation is part of the sentencing process"
  4. (probatory) probative: tending to prove a particular proposition or to persuade you of the truth of an allegation; "evidence should only be excluded if its probative value was outweighed by its prejudicial effect"
  5. Probation is a sentence which may be imposed by a criminal court, in lieu of incarceration. A criminal who is "on probation" could be considered as convicted of a crime, but has served only part of the sentence in prison, or has not served time at all. ...
  6. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a semi- voluntary association of 1,281 institutions, conferences, organizations and individuals that organizes the athletic programs of many colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. ...
  7. In a workplace setting, probation is a status given to new employees of a company or business. This status allows a supervisor or other company manager to closely evaluate the progress and skills of the newly hired worker, determine appropriate assignments and monitor other aspects of the ...
  8. A period of time when a person occupies a position only conditionally and may easily be removed for poor performance; A type of sentence where convicted criminals are allowed to continue living in the community but will automatically be sent to jail if they violate certain conditions; The act ...
  9. (probational) probationary
  10. (Probations) Conclusive arguments, proofs
  11. (Probates) Probate is a legal process that takes place after someone’s death. It usually involves proving that the deceased's will is valid, identifying the deceased person's property and having it appraised, paying outstanding debts and taxes, and distributing the property per the will or state ...
  12. A type of criminal punishment that allows a person to stay in the community (instead of going to jail) as long as he or she complies with certain conditions, such as regularly reporting to a probation officer, refraining from alcohol and drugs and not committing further crimes.
  13. a court-ordered sanction placing certain conditions on an offender while allowing the offender to remain in the community under supervision.
  14. The release into the community of a defendant who has been found guilty of a crime, typically under certain conditions, such as paying a fine, doing community service or attending a drug treatment program. Violation of the conditions can result in incarceration. ...
  15. When all or part of the required jail time is suspended in exchange for good behavior, as determined by checking in with a probation officer. Jail time may be reinstated if it is found the terms of probation are being violated. ...
  16. (1) A sentencing alternative to imprisonment in which the court releases a convicted defendant under supervision of a probation officer that makes certain that the defendant follows certain rules, for example, gets a job, gets drug counseling; (2) a department of the court that prepares a ...
  17. Academic status of students whose GPA falls below a minimum level (this varies from school to school).
  18. Court-ordered disposition alternative not involving confinement through which an adjudicated delinquent is placed under the control, supervision, and care of a probation field staff member.
  19. A judge or a parole board can place you on probation when your sentence is suspended or you are out of jail early on parole. It ends when your sentence is up, or when you're sent back to jail for breaking a condition. Usually you have to see a probation officer regularly.
  20. An alternative to imprisonment allowing a person found guilty of an offense to stay in the community, usually under conditions and under the supervision of a probation officer. A violation of probation can lead to its revocation and to imprisonment.
  21. A sentence whereby a convict is released from confinement but is still under court supervision; a testing or a trial period. Probation can be given in lieu of a prison term or can suspend a prison sentence if the convict has consistently demonstrated good behavior.
  22. A sentence that does not involve prison, but requires compliance with certain conditions for a specified period of time under the supervision of the Department of Probation.
  23. one of the dispositional options available to a juvenile court judge after a youth is adjudicated as delinquent; community-based corrections which presents the youth with a set of rules and regulations and addresses the needs of the youth and the family.
  24. A disciplinary action taken by a board of nursing in which the licensee's practice is conditioned for a given period of time or until specific requirements are met.
  25. A department of government at the county or city level administering and carrying out probation functions, programs, and services pursuant to laws, policies and rules.