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presented, past participle; presents, 3rd person singular present; presenting, present participle; presented, past tense;
  1. Give something to (someone) formally or ceremonially
    • - a top executive will present an award to employees who built the F-150
  2. Give someone (something) in such a way
    • - my students presented me with some flowers
  3. Show or offer (something) for others to scrutinize or consider
    • - he stopped and presented his passport
  4. Formally introduce (someone) to someone else
    • - may I present my wife?
  5. Proffer (compliments or good wishes) in a formal manner
    • - may I present the greetings of my master?
  6. Formally deliver (a check or bill) for acceptance or payment
    • - a check presented by Mr. Jackson was returned by the bank
  7. Bring (a complaint, petition, or evidence) formally to the notice of a court

  8. (of a company or producer) Put (a show or exhibition) before the public

  9. Bring about or be the cause of (a problem or difficulty)
    • - this should not present much difficulty
  10. Exhibit (a particular state or appearance) to others
    • - the EC presented a united front over the crisis
  11. Represent (someone) to others in a particular way, typically one that is false or exaggerated
    • - he presented himself as a hardworking man
  12. Come forward into the presence of another or others, esp. for a formal occasion; appear
    • - he failed to present himself in court
  13. (of an opportunity or idea) Occur and be available for use or exploitation
    • - when a favorable opportunity presented itself, he would submit his proposition
  14. (of a patient) Come forward for or undergo initial medical examination for a particular condition or symptom
    • - the patient presented with mild clinical encephalopathy
  15. (of a part of a fetus) Be directed toward the cervix during labor

  16. (of an illness) Manifest itself

  17. Hold out or aim (a firearm) at something so as to be ready to fire
    • - they were to present their rifles, take aim, and fire

  1. (presentation) the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward); "she gave the trophy but he made the presentation"
  2. (presentation) formally making a person known to another or to the public
  3. (presentation) (obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal; "Cesarean sections are sometimes the result of abnormal presentations"
  4. (presentment) an accusation of crime made by a grand jury on its own initiative
  5. (presentment) a document that must be accepted and paid by another person
  6. In medicine, the term presenting means not only present, but seen. For example, at birth most babies present head first and their presenting part is their head.
  7. (Presentation (GMTV)) GMTV (now legally known as ITV Breakfast Limited) was the national ITV breakfast television contractor, broadcasting in the United Kingdom. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of ITV plc. in November 2009. ...
  8. (Presentation (group theory)) In mathematics, one method of defining a group is by a presentation. One specifies a set S of generators so that every element of the group can be written as a product of some of these generators, and a set R of relations among those generators. ...
  9. (Presentation (software)) Presentation is a Windows software application for conducting psychological and neurobehavioral experiments, developed by Neurobehavioral Systems Inc. and first released in 2003. ...
  10. (Presents) A gift or a present is the transfer of something without the expectation of receiving something in return. Although gift-giving might involve an expectation of reciprocity, a gift is meant to be free. In many human societies, the act of mutually exchanging money, goods, etc. ...
  11. (Presents (10 Foot Ganja Plant album)) This is a re-release of the first studio album by 10 Foot Ganja Plant. Released on the ROIR record label. The release features two bonus tracks.
  12. (presentation) The act of presenting, or something presented; A dramatic performance; An award given to someone on a special occasion; A lecture or speech given in front of an audience; The symptoms and other possible indications of disease, trauma, etc. ...
  13. (presentment) A statement made on oath by a jury. [from 15th c.]; A formal complaint submitted to a bishop or archdeacon. [from 16th c.]; The act of presenting something for acceptance; now specifically, presenting something (eg a bill or cheque) for payment. [from 16th c. ...
  14. (Presentation) the act of putting the fly on the water and offering it to the fish; the variety of presentations is infinite, and changes with each fishing situation. The object is to present the fly in a manner similar to the natural insect or food form that you are imitating.
  15. (Presentation) offering one's blade for engagement by the opponent
  16. (presentation) A collective term referring to a combination of choices a fisherman makes, such as the choice of lure, color, and size, the type of pole and/or tackle used, the structure targeted, the casting technique, the retrieval technique (slow, medium, fast, stop-and-go) and even where the ...
  17. (Presentation) The totality of one’s appearance, including voice, behavior and appropriateness of clothing for the situation, etc.
  18. (Presentation) Also known as the pageant bouquet, this is a bunch of long-stemmed flowers cradled in the bride's arms.
  19. (Presentation) Act of requesting the importer's payment/acceptance of an import bill.
  20. (Presentation) The adult in a Montessori environment does not teach in the traditional sense. Rather she shows the child how to use the various objects and then leaves her free to explore and experiment. This act of showing is called a presentation. ...
  21. Presentation combines both visual and verbal elements; it is the way that message is exhibited on paper.  Even if the ideas, words, and sentences are vivid, precise, and well constructed, the paper will not be inviting to read unless the guidelines of presentation are observed. ...
  22. (Presentation) The way in which a fly is landed on the water and so is presented to a fish.
  23. (Presentation) The exhibition, demonstration, display, or theatrical performance of a work of art (in economic terms, a product or good).
  24. (PRESENTATION) A pitch or a description of a proposed advertising campaign.
  25. (PRESENTATION) The second step of the teaching process, which consists of delivering information or demonstrating the skills which make up the lesson. The delivery could be by either the lecture method or demonstration-performance method. ...