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presentations, plural;
  1. The proffering or giving of something to someone, esp. as part of a formal ceremony
    • - the presentation of certificates to new members
    • - the trophy presentations
  2. The manner or style in which something is given, offered, or displayed
    • - the presentation of foods is designed to stimulate your appetite
  3. A formal introduction of someone, esp. at court

  4. The official submission of something for consideration in a law court
    • - the presentation of the bankruptcy petition
  5. The action or right of formally proposing a candidate for a church benefice or other position
    • - the Earl of Pembroke offered Herbert the presentation of the living of Bremerton
  6. A demonstration or display of a product or idea
    • - a sales presentation
  7. An exhibition or theatrical performance

  8. The position of a fetus in relation to the cervix at the time of delivery
    • - breech presentation
  9. The coming forward of a patient for initial examination and diagnosis
    • - all patients in this group were symptomatic at initial presentation

  1. the activity of formally presenting something (as a prize or reward); "she gave the trophy but he made the presentation"
  2. the act of making something publicly available; presenting news or other information by broadcasting or printing it; "he prepared his presentation carefully in advance"
  3. display: a visual representation of something
  4. formally making a person known to another or to the public
  5. (obstetrics) position of the fetus in the uterus relative to the birth canal; "Cesarean sections are sometimes the result of abnormal presentations"
  6. Presentation is the practice of showing and explaining the content of a topic to an audience or learner. A presentation program, such as Microsoft PowerPoint, is often used to generate the presentation content.
  7. GMTV (now legally known as ITV Breakfast Limited) was the national ITV breakfast television contractor, broadcasting in the United Kingdom. It became a wholly owned subsidiary of ITV plc. in November 2009. ...
  8. In mathematics, one method of defining a group is by a presentation. One specifies a set S of generators so that every element of the group can be written as a product of some of these generators, and a set R of relations among those generators. We then say G has presentation
  9. In obstetrics, the presentation of a fetus about to be born refers to which anatomical part of the fetus is leading, that is, is closest to the pelvic inlet of the birth canal. According to the leading part, this is identified as a cephalic, breech, or shoulder presentation. ...
  10. Presentation is a Windows software application for conducting psychological and neurobehavioral experiments, developed by Neurobehavioral Systems Inc. and first released in 2003. ...
  11. The Feast of the Presentation of Jesus at the Temple, which falls on 2 February, celebrates an early episode in the life of Jesus. In the Eastern Orthodox Church, it is one of the twelve Great Feasts, and is sometimes called Hypapante (lit., 'Meeting' in Greek). ...
  12. The act of presenting, or something presented; A dramatic performance; An award given to someone on a special occasion; A lecture or speech given in front of an audience; The symptoms and other possible indications of disease, trauma, etc. ...
  13. (Presentations) 2009 AJCU CITM 2009 Conference. Keynote Speaker. May 18. 2007 Fordham University Technology Conference, Social Networking in Higher Education. Presentation and Workshop, May 22 2006 UNA Model UN Summit & Leadership Conference. ...
  14. (Presentations) Body Language, Handout, Marker, Whiteboard
  15. (Presentations) Communicate with your audience during in-person or webinar presentations, conduct polling.  Send out a question and ask for responses from attendees who have pre-registered their phones. ...
  16. (Presentations) Given by employers. Usually aimed at second and final year students. Most take place in the evening, some at lunchtime on campus or in local hotels. Food and drink is often provided. ...
  17. (Presentations) MART, Inc. and the Architect would present the Master Plan to team members. Comments, corrections, and other modifications obtained during these presentations will be incorporated into the final document as requested by the client.
  18. (Presentations) The discussion on the review papers will be initiated by a 15 minute presentation by one student that outlines one of the models of theoretical concepts underlying the reviews.  The remainder of the discussion will be lead by Dr. ...
  19. (Presentations) are the slide content and notes needed to visually and orally communicate your ideas to an audience. The slides may contain graphs, bullets, pictures, and/or paragraphs to communicate the desired information. Microsoft® PowerPoint® is the software most commonly used. ...
  20. (presented) awarded, bestowed, conferred, given, endowed, delivered
  21. (Presenting) the management buys a show for a fixed fee or cost-profit sharing agreement and promotes it to its audience with the aim of recovering costs and/or achieving a net surplus in ticket sales
  22. The conversion factors have mainly been presented as multipliers, but exceptions to that have been made for two reasons. First, it is easier to convey the exact value 'divide by 60' rather than the approximation 'multiply by 0. ...
  23. When a sales person explains the product or service to the prospect (individual or a group), including the product’s features, advantages and benefits, relevant to the prospect. Presentations are mainly verbal, but can include use of visuals, slide shows, brochures, charts, and graphs. ...
  24. the act of putting the fly on the water and offering it to the fish; the variety of presentations is infinite, and changes with each fishing situation. The object is to present the fly in a manner similar to the natural insect or food form that you are imitating.
  25. A collective term referring to a combination of choices a fisherman makes, such as the choice of lure, color, and size, the type of pole and/or tackle used, the structure targeted, the casting technique, the retrieval technique (slow, medium, fast, stop-and-go) and even where the bait is worked ...