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Denoting an action or event preceding or done in preparation for something fuller or more important,
  1. Denoting an action or event preceding or done in preparation for something fuller or more important
    • - preliminary talks
    • - the discussions were seen as preliminary to the policy paper
  1. An action or event preceding or preparing for something fuller or more important
    • - the bombardment was resumed as a preliminary to an infantry attack
  2. Business or talk, esp. of a formulaic or polite nature, taking place before an action or event
    • - she began speaking, without preliminaries
  3. A preliminary round in a sporting competition

  1. denoting an action or event preceding or in preparation for something more important; designed to orient or acquaint with a situation before proceeding; "a preliminary investigation"
  2. a minor match preceding the main event
  3. something that serves as a preceding event or introduces what follows; "training is a necessary preliminary to employment"; "drinks were the overture to dinner"
  4. (Preliminaries) Book design is the art of incorporating the content, , format, design, and sequence of the various components of a book into a coherent whole.
  5. A preparation for a main matter; an introduction; Any of a series of sports events that determine the finalists; A relatively minor contest that precedes a major one, especially in boxing; in preparation for the main matter; initial, introductory, preparatory
  6. (preliminarily) In a preliminary manner
  7. (Preliminaries) The title page(s) of an item, the verso of the title page(s), any pages preceding the title pages(s), and the cover (AACR2).
  8. (PRELIMINARIES (PRELIMS)) also called heats or trials. Those races in which swimmers qualify for the championship,
  9. (Preliminaries) Leaves at the beginning of a volume including such features as the series title page, decorative lithographs, tissue paper, dedications, preface, contents list etc.
  10. (Preliminaries) Usually include overhead items and equipment rentals.
  11. (Preliminaries) Yamamoto's plan had not met with universal approval among the leaders of the Japanese Navy. ...
  12. (preliminaries) A series of dives used to determine which divers reach the semi-finals of a meet.
  13. Introductory, preparatory, preceding, or leading up to the main matter of business. For example, a preliminary injunction comes before a permanent injunction.
  14. With reference to a tariff or other trade barrier applied as a result of administered protection, this refers to a barrier imposed part way through the administrative process, as opposed to the definitive barrier that is imposed when the administrative process is complete.
  15. Data are not (yet) suitable for comparisons, and need further refinement. This data quality is shown with the symbol "?" in result tables.
  16. investigation and trial of Ambroise D. Lepine for the murder of Thomas Scott . . . , comp. G. B. Elliott and E. F. T. Brokovski (Montreal, 1874).
  17. The Income Maintenance Administration (IMA) form completed with new TANF applicants and TANF groups and those completing eligibility reviews to identify candidates for Diversion, POWER, to screen for Domestic Violence, and to determine whether the adult qualifies for an exemption to work ...
  18. Session of the meet in which heats are held; also called divisioning.
  19. In these terms and conditions “the Terms” means these terms and conditions in full, “quotation” means any quotation supplied to the Customer by the Company, “tender” means any tender supplied to the Customer by the Company, “Customer” means the party placing an order for the supply of Goods with ...
  20. Preliminary work performed at customer's request will be charged to the customer at the provider's current rates. This work cannot be used without the provider's written consent.
  21. P-BEFORE, that is, DH [P] is held against the backhand of [B], PO away, FO up, and DH moves > NDS.
  22. The warm-up given to a horse on the track just prior to its race. Runners are usually let out onto the track around ten minutes before the start of a race to warm up.
  23. or Incipiency Stage: the early stage of social movement formation where individuals experience strain or relative deprivation and feel the need to do something about their discontent.
  24. Something that comes before the main part. Coming before and usually serving as a temporary or intermediate step to something.
  25. The walk, canter or gallop by a horse on the way to the starting stalls.