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preconceptions, plural;
  1. A preconceived idea or prejudice

  1. an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence; "he did not even try to confirm his preconceptions"
  2. bias: a partiality that prevents objective consideration of an issue or situation
  3. (preconceived) (of an idea or opinion) formed beforehand; especially without evidence or through prejudice; "certain preconceived notions"
  4. An opinion formed before obtaining adequate evidence, especially as the result of bias or prejudice; A prejudice that prevents rational consideration of an issue
  5. (Preconceptions) natural tendency of travellers to see only what they are prepared to see; psychological urge to see only what one wants to see; intellectual anxiety to interpret the unfamiliar in terms of the familiar; pre-judgments; prejudices; rationalizations.
  6. (PRECONCEIVED) Already being in the state of having formed an idea of, imagining, or understanding. To form (an opinion, for example) before possessing full or adequate knowledge or experience.
  7. Opinion, idea or conception formed prior to thinking it through or investigation.
  8. Having to do with the time period before conception.
  9. The time before pregnancy has been achieved
  10. before a woman gets pregnant.