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Having great power or strength,
  1. Having great power or strength
    • - a fast, powerful car
    • - computers are now more compact and powerful
  2. (of a person, organization, or country) Having control and influence over people and events
    • - the world's most powerful nation
  3. Having a strong effect on people's feelings or thoughts
    • - his photomontages are powerful antiwar images
  1. Very
    • - walking in this weather is powerful hot work

  1. having great power or force or potency or effect; "the most powerful government in western Europe"; "his powerful arms"; "a powerful bomb"; "the horse's powerful kick"; "powerful drugs"; "a powerful argument"
  2. mighty: (Southern regional intensive) very; to a great degree; "the baby is mighty cute"; "he's mighty tired"; "it is powerful humid"; "that boy is powerful big now"; "they have a right nice place"; "they rejoiced mightily"
  3. knock-down(a): strong enough to knock down or overwhelm; "a knock-down blow"
  4. potent: having great influence
  5. brawny: (of a person) possessing physical strength and weight; rugged and powerful; "a hefty athlete"; "a muscular boxer"; "powerful arms"
  6. herculean: displaying superhuman strength or power; "herculean exertions"
  7. (powerfully) in a powerful manner; "the federal government replaced the powerfully pro-settler Sir Godfrey Huggins with the even tougher and more determined ex-trade unionist"
  8. (powerfully) potently: in a manner having a powerful influence; "Clytemnestra's ghost crying in the night for vengeance remained most potently in the audience's mind"
  9. Power is a measure of an entity's ability to control the environment around itself, including the behavior of other entities. The term authority is often used for power, perceived as legitimate by the social structure. ...
  10. The use of wine tasting descriptors allow the taster an opportunity to put into words the aromas and flavors that they experience and can be used in assessing the overall quality of wine. ...
  11. Having, or capable of exerting power, potency or influence
  12. Close to being a synonym for BRAWNY.
  13. to overcome the weight and drag of the aircraft.
  14. The powerful Berkey easily cleans ordinary tap water, yet it is so powerful, it effectively handles even raw, untreated water from lakes and streams. ...
  15. diagonal cut delivered from behind the right shoulder or back, either Oberhau (above the waist) or Unterhau (below the waist). Also any diagonal cut. One of the Meisterhau.
  16. Powerful describes a wine with lots of very easy to discern flavour and alcohol.
  17. High in alcohol, tannin and/or extract, often with assertive flavors.
  18. Sophisticated technology that covers all the bases.
  19. The service gives cheap and ample amounts of resources to do the required processing or computation beyond the realm of normal PCs.
  20. positive thoughts are our fuel'. Positive thoughts 'lift us up' while negative thoughts make us heavy. As long as we have uplifting, powerful thoughts, you will be able to stay in a spiritual consciousness. When your positive stock runs out, then you fall back into ordinary thinking. ...
  21. Wines that describe strength and intensity.
  22. Java Servlets let you easily do several things that are difficult or impossible with regular CGI. For one thing, Servlets can talk directly to the Web server (regular CGI programs can't). This simplifies operations that need to look up images and other data stored in standard places. ...
  23. a sophisticated vocabulary (note: this doesn't necessarily mean that you should use big words; don't use a $20 word if a $5 does the job)
  24. A wine with a high level of alcohol that is not excessive alcoholic.
  25. shaktishali - शक्तिशाली