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potties, plural;
  1. Foolish; crazy
    • - he felt she really had gone potty
  2. Extremely enthusiastic about or fond of someone or something
    • - I'm potty about my two sons
  3. Insignificant or feeble
    • - that potty little mower
  1. A bowl used by small children as a toilet

  2. A toilet

  1. toilet: a plumbing fixture for defecation and urination
  2. enamored: marked by foolish or unreasoning fondness; "gaga over the rock group's new album"; "he was infatuated with her"
  3. (British informal) trivial; "potty little details"
  4. slightly intoxicated
  5. A chamber pot (also a chamberpot, a jerry, a Jordan, a po (from French "pot de chambre"), a piss pot, a potty, or a thunder pot) is a bowl-shaped container with a handle kept in the bedroom under a bed or in the cabinet of a nightstand and generally used as a urinal at night. ...
  6. A chamberpot used by young children while learning control of their bladder and bowels; Insane
  7. 1. chamber pot. 2. silly; eccentric; crazy.
  8. pot de chambre (de bébé)