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postponements, plural;
  1. The action of postponing something; deferral
    • - the postponement of the elections
    • - after repeated postponements, the new museum is officially open

  1. delay: time during which some action is awaited; "instant replay caused too long a delay"; "he ordered a hold in the action"
  2. act of putting off to a future time
  3. (postpone) hold back to a later time; "let's postpone the exam"
  4. Postponement is a business strategy that maximizes possible benefit and minimizes risk by delaying further investment into a product or service until the last possible moment. An example of this strategy is Dell Computers' build-to-order online store.
  5. "The Postponement" is the one-hundred and twelfth episode of NBC sitcom Seinfeld, and the 2nd episode of the 7th season. It aired in the U.S. on September 28, 1995.
  6. A delay, as a formal delay in a proceeding
  7. (postpone) To delay or put off an event, appointment etc
  8. (postponed) Done later than originally planned; delayed
  9. (Postponements) Action taken by the UCGIA concerning papers on mental illness and demon possession; also, man made Feast Days
  10. (Postpone) (origin: Mojo): Something that is done to assignments, classes, quizzes on pretexts like Talent Nite, LAN crashes and a general attack of lethargy.
  11. (Postpone) A postponed race is delayed before its scheduled start but may be started or abandoned later.
  12. (Postpone) To delay consideration of a bill or resolution until a specific legislative day or hour of the same day.
  13. (POSTPONED) A contest cancelled for any reason and rescheduled at a later date.
  14. (Postponed) If an IPO doesn't attract sufficient buyers to be considered successful by the issuers, it may be postponed until market conditions seem more favorable.
  15. (Postponed) Issuer has publicly disclosed that is has decided to postpone an intended or in-progress Equity Private Placement.
  16. Postponement means to put off to a later time. In the case of a foreclosure sale, this is generally done by announcement at the original sale or by posting notices establishing the new date and time the foreclosure sale will take place.
  17. An agreement, made in lieu of a scheduled sheriff's or trustee's sale, that reschedules the pending sale.
  18. a manufacturing /distribution strategy where specific operations associated with a product are delayed until just prior to shipping. Storing product in a generic state and then applying custom labels or packaging before shipping is an example of postponement.
  19. The rescheduling of a sale of real property at auction; postponements can occur for a variety of reasons including: bankruptcy, mutual agreement, beneficiary request, trustee╒s discretion or operation of law.
  20. a verbal announcement made at the time and place of the scheduled trustee’s sale that establishes a new date or time for the trustee’s sale. The sale cannot be changed from the originally noticed location.
  21. When an offering that had a tentative calendar date is pushed back in timing to a later date. If market conditions deteriorate to the point when the deal may not be viable, the tentative calendar day may be removed entirely. This may ultimately lead to a cancellation of the entire offering.
  22. The delay of final activities (i.e., assembly, production, packaging, etc.) until the latest possible time.
  23. Trustee Sales may be postponed by the first at the direction of the lien holder. Notice may be given in advance or at the time and location specified for the intended sale.
  24. A decision of the Office of the Commissioner of Review Tribunals to reschedule a hearing to a different date and time. This usually occurs before the hearing takes place. See Postponement of Appeal Hearings.
  25. A period of time during which the borrower is not billed for accruing loan principal and interest, which would be eligible for deferment or cancellation at the end of the eligible academic/employment/service year.