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postmen, plural;
  1. A mail carrier

  1. mailman: a man who delivers the mail
  2. A mail carrier, mailman (US) or postman/postwoman (UK), letter carrier (in American English and in New Zealand) and a postie (in Australia, New Zealand) is an employee of the post office or postal service, who delivers mail and parcel post to residences and businesses. ...
  3. Postman is Remon Stotijn's second album as Postman and was released in 2009. A number of the songs deal with reflections on earlier parts of his life.
  4. Postman (David) is a Marvel Comics character. He has the ability to permanently erase people's memories, usually specified by naming whatever he wants that person to forget.
  5. Postman is a Chinese film made in 1995 and directed by He Jianjun. His second feature, Postman tells the story of a shy mailman played by Feng Yuanzheng who steals and reads the letters of people on his route. The film is considered part of China's sixth generation movement.
  6. The Exchequer of Pleas or Court of Exchequer was a court that followed equity, a set of legal principles based on natural law, and common law, in England and Wales. ...
  7. The Postman (1985) , is a post-apocalyptic science fiction novel by David Brin. A drifter stumbles across the uniform of an old United States Postal Service letter carrier and gives hope to a community threatened by local warlords with empty promises of aid from the "Restored United States of ...
  8. The Postman is a 1997 American film adaptation of the award-winning post-apocalyptic-themed novel of the same name, written in 1985 by author David Brin. ...
  9. The Postman is the soundtrack, on the Hollywood Records label, of the 1994 Academy Award-winning film The Postman (original title: Il Postino). The original score was composed by Luis Enríquez Bacalov.
  10. Postmen was a reggae/hip hop band from the Netherlands. After their split up, former member The Anonymous Mis continued as Postman.
  11. someone (implied male) who delivers the post (mail) to, and/or collects the post from, residential or commercial addresses, or from public mailboxes
  12. To dream of a postman, denotes that hasty news will more frequently be of a distressing nature than otherwise. See Letter Carrier.
  13. a person that delivers mail to your house.
  14. Pat is a BBC stop motion animated children's television series aimed at pre-school children, concerning the adventures of Pat, a postman in the (fictional) Yorkshire village of Greendale (inspired by the real valley of Longsleddale in Cumbria).