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posters, plural;
  1. A large printed picture used for decoration

  2. A large printed picture, notice, or advertisement displayed in a public place
    • - a poster campaign
  3. Someone who sends a message to a newsgroup

  1. a sign posted in a public place as an advertisement; "a poster advertised the coming attractions"
  2. bill poster: someone who pastes up bills or placards on walls or billboards
  3. post horse: a horse kept at an inn or post house for use by mail carriers or for rent to travelers
  4. A person who posts; An advertisement to be posted on a pole, wall etc. to advertise something; A picture of a celebrity, an event etc., intended to be attached to a wall; A shot which only hits a goal post without going in
  5. (Posters) A poster is a printed graphic on a piece of paper... we take a bit further we can have you poster mounted to foam core / board , pvc, gator board etc. We can cut you poster in custom shapes or have it stading on its own as a free form object.
  6. (Posters) Thick, oversized pieces of paper. Posters can be prepared during a presentation or can be made in advance using a computer, software, and printing devices to make professional-looking printed visuals.
  7. (Posters) the collection includes advertising, promotional, film and war posters and also political posters by well-known authors, such as Maksim Gaspari and Ive Šubic. All together, there are almost 4,000 posters available.
  8. Posters are printed with eco-friendly, fade-resistant permanent ink and may come on glossy photo paper, matte finished paper or waterproof vinyl. They are commonly used for advertising movies and sales, at tradeshows and as point-of-sale signs.
  9. Posters that I have done over the years.     2009 Typography, Graphic Design, Illustration
  10. 1) An inexpensive printed reproduction of a piece of artwork. 2) A placard or print intended for posting in a public place as an advertisement.
  11. A poster is any large piece of printed paper designed to be attached to a wall or vertical surface. Posters are often used as a form of advertising or by campaigners and protesters to communicate a message.
  12. Four-color lithographic reproduction of a painting, usually with type on or around the image to advertise an artist, show, or event.
  13. Form of a submission; usually encompasses an abstract of one or two pages.
  14. Make your own poster about National Dictionary Day. Write about will happen on this day around the world.
  15. Large sheet of paper used in advertising
  16. Term used for printed advertising messages that are posted for display on advertising structures. Depending on the media type used, posters can be paper or vinyl.
  17. 24" × 34" sign printed on vinyl and mounted on Corex; suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  18. (1) a message presented to public view to promote a product, event, civic action, etc., usually depending more on illustration for attraction than copy; (2) a very large sales promotion message screen printed in conveniently handled sections, for pasting up on outdoor poster boards.
  19. A work of art produced for commercial reproductions. Often posters are printed on large pieces of paper.
  20. A graphic advertisement attached to a flat surface or standing up with a clip backing.
  21. Paper bill or sign for posting in a public place, esp. one that is decorative or pictorial.
  22. Single sheet printed on only one side usually used to advertise or inform
  23. An open edition reproduction, usually printed on lighter weight paper. Although posters may be collected and are suitable for framing, they have little "investment" value.
  24. a quarry worker responsible for breaking rocks.
  25. Includes two options with two sets of changes on chosen design. Estimated design time 1.5 hours.