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posses, plural;
  1. A body of men, typically armed, summoned by a sheriff to enforce the law

  2. The body of men in a county whom the sheriff could summon to enforce the law

  3. A group of people who have a common characteristic, occupation, or purpose
    • - he pompously led around a posse of medical students
  4. A gang of youths involved in (usually drug-related) crime

  5. A group of people who socialize together, esp. to go to clubs or raves

  1. (POSS) The National Geographic Society – Palomar Observatory Sky Survey (NGS-POSS) is a major photographic survey of the night sky that was completed at Palomar Observatory in 1958.
  2. (Poss (basketball)) Poss is a stat used to estimate the number of offensive possessions a player is accountable for. It was developed by Dean Oliver, the first full-time statistical analyst in the NBA.
  3. (poss) To mix with a vertical motion, especially when hand washing; Alternative form of poss.
  4. (POSS) persistent object storage system; proximal over-shoulder strap
  5. (POSS) possessive, that is, [B], PO towards whatever is being referenced