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poles, plural;
  1. Propel (a boat) by pushing a pole against the bottom of a river, canal, or lake

  1. Either of the two locations (North Pole or South Pole) on the surface of the earth (or of a celestial object) that are the northern and southern ends of the axis of rotation

  2. Either of the two points at which the axis of a sphere intersects its surface

  3. A fixed point to which other points or lines are referred, e.g., the origin of polar coordinates or the point of which a line or curve is a polar

  4. An extremity of the main axis of a cell, organ, or part

  5. Each of the two opposite points on the surface of a magnet at which magnetic forces are strongest

  6. Each of two terminals (positive and negative) of an electric cell, battery, or machine

  7. One of two opposed or contradictory principles or ideas
    • - Miriam and Rebecca represent two poles in the argument about transracial adoption

  1. a long (usually round) rod of wood or metal or plastic
  2. punt: propel with a pole; "pole barges on the river"; "We went punting in Cambridge"
  3. a native or inhabitant of Poland
  4. support on poles; "pole climbing plants like beans"
  5. deoxidize molten metals by stirring them with a wooden pole
  6. one of two divergent or mutually exclusive opinions; "they are at opposite poles"; "they are poles apart"
  7. Pole is an album by Pole. It was released by Mute in 2003. Four of the album's nine tracks feature vocals from American hip-hop artist Fat Jon.
  8. In the mathematical field of complex analysis, a pole of a meromorphic function is a certain type of singularity that behaves like the singularity of at z = 0. This means that, in particular, a pole of the function f(z) is a point a such that f(z) approaches infinity as z approaches a.
  9. DNA polymerase epsilon catalytic subunit A is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the POLE gene.
  10. In geometry, the terms pole and polar are used to describe a point and a line that have a unique reciprocal relationship with respect to a given conic section. If the point lies on the conic section, its polar is the tangent line to the conic section at that point.
  11. Pole is the artistic name of Stefan Betke, a German electronic music artist commonly associated with the glitch genre as well as dubtronica.
  12. *Sir Charles Pole, 1st Baronet (1757–1830), English naval officer and colonial governor *Dick Pole (born 1950), former Major League Baseball player and current coach *Edward Tudor-Pole (born 1955), a British singer and actor *Edmund de la Pole, 3rd Duke of Suffolk, 6th Earl of Suffolk (1471/1472 ...
  13. A person from Poland or of Polish descent
  14. (Poles) A forest product made from the straightest, strongest trees and used to support utilities like power lines and telephone lines.  Fire causes longleaf pine to maintain a straight form, thus making it the most superb tree for making poles.
  15. (Poles) trees with a diameter at breast height of 5.5 - 11.5 inches.
  16. (Poles) Magnetic devices set up inside the motor by the placement and connection of the windings. Divide the number of poles into 7200 to determine the motor's normal speed. For example, 7200 divided by 2 poles equals 3600RPM.
  17. (Poles) A way of picturing magnetic phenomena. All magnets are considered to be "dipoles", having both a North pole (which would point North if used in a compass) and a South pole (which would point South if used in a compass. ...
  18. (Poles) Are the elements that develop the magnetic flux fields in a motor. The number of pole pairs in a motor must be the same number or a multiple of the number of phases in the applied voltage. Ex: A 3 phase motor would require 3, 6, 9, 12 etc. pole pairs. ...
  19. (Poles) Ski sticks; tapered tube poles used for balance and as an aid to climbing and turning.
  20. (Poles) Sticks made of bamboo or wood used to herd the birds to the trap.
  21. (Poles) The stabilizing struts between the basket, the burner mount and the load cables. On some balloons the poles are actually load-bearing elements; on others they simply act as stiff or slightly flexible guides for the actual load-bearing elements and connections from envelope sensors to the ...
  22. (Poles) The two-pole monolithic filter is the basis for all packaged crystal filters. With the addition of coupling capacitors between pole sections, they can be cascaded to produce four, six, and eight or more pole filter responses.
  23. (Poles) This refers to magnetic poles in an energized motor. Poles come in sets of two (a north and south). In an AC motor, the pole quantity works in conjunction with the frequency to determine the synchronous speed of the motor.
  24. (Poles) Two aspects of an energy. The positive pole is an energy's true or love-based manifestation. The negative pole is the distortion or constriction of that energy by fear.
  25. (Poles) a series of three poles that appear only in chain sequences. Paired with Dumpties.