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poisons, 3rd person singular present; poisoned, past tense; poisoned, past participle; poisoning, present participle;
  1. Administer poison to (a person or animal), either deliberately or accidentally
    • - he tried to poison his wife
    • - symptoms of poisoning may include nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting
  2. Adulterate or contaminate (food or drink) with poison

  3. Treat (a weapon or missile) with poison in order to augment its lethal effect

  4. (of a dangerous substance) Kill or cause to become very ill
    • - swans are being poisoned by lead from anglers' lines
  5. Contaminate or pollute (an area, the air, or water)

  6. Prove harmful or destructive to
    • - his disgust had poisoned his attitude toward everyone
  7. (of a substance) Reduce the activity of (a catalyst)

  1. the physiological state produced by a poison or other toxic substance
  2. the act of giving poison to a person or animal with the intent to kill
  3. (poison) any substance that causes injury or illness or death of a living organism
  4. (poison) spoil as if by poison; "poison someone's mind"; "poison the atmosphere in the office"
  5. kill with poison; "She poisoned her husband"
  6. (poison) anything that harms or destroys; "the poison of fascism"
  7. (Poison (Bardot song)) "Poison" is a pop song by Australian female group Bardot, and was the first single from their debut album Bardot (2000). It was co-written and produced by Australian producer Michael Szumowski.
  8. (Poison (Bell Biv DeVoe song)) "Poison" is a 1990 single by the New Edition spinoff group, Bell Biv DeVoe. This song—in the style of New Jack Swing, a late-80s hybrid of R&B and hip hop—was the group's most successful, and sings of the dangers of falling in love.
  9. (Poison (comics)) Poison is the name of two fictional comic book characters, owned by Marvel Comics. The first was created by writer Steve Gerber and artist Cynthia Martin and exists in the Marvel Universe while the second lives in an alternate world featured in the one-shot comic What If?: . ...
  10. (Poison (EP)) Poison is an EP released by German trance group Groove Coverage. The name was taken from their single of the same name.
  11. (Poison (film)) Poison is a 1991 independent film written and directed by Todd Haynes. It is composed of three intercut stories that are partially inspired by the novels of Jean Genet. With its gay themes, Poison is considered an early entry in the New Queer Cinema movement.
  12. (Poison (Groove Coverage song)) "Poison" is a song by artist Alice Cooper co-written and produced by Desmond Child, released worldwide as a single in 1989 and is featured on his 18th studio album Trash. ...
  13. (poison) A substance that is harmful or lethal to a living organism; Something that harms a person or thing; A drink; liquor; To use poison to kill or paralyse somebody; To pollute; to cause some part of the environment to become poisonous; To cause something to become much worse; To cause ...
  14. (POISON) A substance which currently pervades the air, the water, the sea and the soul.
  15. ("poison") or "leave it" bird a marked bird that the dog is instructed to ignore before executing another task.
  16. (POISON) Something that is sabotaging your well-being (harmful attitudes, emotions, beliefs, etc.) / Unsuitable relationships; toxic behavior
  17. (Poison (Catalyst)) Any molecule or material that tends to collect on a catalyst surface, blocking access to active sites or destroying their activities.
  18. (Poison) (Aqua, Ento,Vet,Zoo)
  19. (Poison) 1 Any plant, element, or substance ingested to enhance or diminish physiological, cognitive, and/or sensory functions. 2 Any plant, element, or substance ingested with intent to radically alter the constitution of the flesh.
  20. (Poison) A chemical that, in relatively small amounts, is able to produce injury by chemical action when it comes in contact with a susceptible tissue.
  21. (Poison) A substance that causes harm to an organism when the organism ingests (eats) it. Poisons can vary in strength; sometimes a poison just makes the organism sick, other times it may kill it. Many species of mushrooms and plants are poisonous to humans. Poison should not be confused with venom.
  22. (Poison) A term used in DOT regulations and elsewhere equivalent to the word toxic.
  23. (Poison) Act of decreasing health by 1 for each poison, can be targeted on life or creatures
  24. (Poison) Any agent capable of producing a deleterious response in a biologic system, seriously injuring function, or producing death.
  25. (Poison) Any toxic substance that upsets normal functions in living organisms by surface absorption, injection or ingestion, eventually leading to death if the dosage is sufficiently strong. When ?poison? is on a product label it means that the chemical or substance inside is highly toxic.