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Pleasing; enjoyable,
  1. Pleasing; enjoyable

  1. enjoyable: affording satisfaction or pleasure; "the company was enjoyable"; "found her praise gratifying"; "full of happiness and pleasurable excitement"; "good printing makes a book more pleasurable to read"
  2. (pleasurably) deliciously: in a very pleasurable manner; "they were walking along the beach slowly and deliciously"
  3. (pleasure) a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience; "he was tingling with pleasure"
  4. (pleasure) joy: something or someone that provides a source of happiness; "a joy to behold"; "the pleasure of his company"; "the new car is a delight"
  5. (pleasure) a formal expression; "he serves at the pleasure of the President"
  6. (pleasure) an activity that affords enjoyment; "he puts duty before pleasure"
  7. (pleasure) sexual gratification; "he took his pleasure of her"
  8. Pleasure describes the broad class of mental states that humans and other animals experience as positive, enjoyable, or worth seeking. It includes more specific mental states such as happiness, entertainment, enjoyment, ecstasy, and euphoria. ...
  9. (Pleasure (band)) Pleasure is a Norwegian funky pop band, led by Fred Ball. One hit single was released, "Don't Look The Other Way", which featured Justine Frischmann (former lead singer for Elastica) on vocals. ...
  10. (Pleasure (demo)) Semisonic was an American alternative rock band formed in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1993. The band consisted of three members: Dan Wilson (lead vocals, guitar), John Munson (bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboard), and Jacob Slichter (drums, percussion, keyboard). ...
  11. (Pleasure (Ohio Players album)) Pleasure is the 4th album by The Ohio Players and the second released through the Westbound label. ...
  12. (Pleasure (Pleasure)) Bang Camaro is the debut album by Boston rock band Bang Camaro, released on February 19, 2007 under Black Sword Records.
  13. (Pleasure (singer)) Marcus Ramone Cooper (born December 27, 1984), better known by his stage name Pleasure P is an American contemporary R&B singer, who experienced success as a member of the group Pretty Ricky before embarking on a solo career in 2007.
  14. Pleasures (1986) is a two hour American television film written by Jill Gordon and directed by Sharron Miller. Its cast includes Joanna Cassidy, Barry Bostwick, Linda Purl, and Tracy Nelson.
  15. (pleasure) a judged event in which the horse’s smoothness, manner of going, and obedience are judged; there are both English and Western pleasure classes.
  16. (PLEASURE) A sundial that uses the wings of bats to attract forests.
  17. (Pleasure) Anything which makes the ego happy. True Love and Joy arise from beyond the ego, but simple pleasure is something which makes the ego happy, at least temporarily.
  18. (Pleasure) Even though some people try to deny it, sex can be a pleasurable experience.
  19. (Pleasure) One who has Reacted with an Edel Raid.
  20. (Pleasure) Simply put, this means “thank you.”
  21. (Pleasure) a motivating factor in the consumption of media texts.
  22. (Pleasure) the least hateful form of dejection.
  23. Pleasure is a variable of the IS that indicates how close the IS is to reaching its objective.
  24. Pleasure, unlike Pain, seems to be a much calmer and more subtle band member then the crazy Pain, but nonetheless is much like his partner.
  25. (Pleasures) Estee Lauder duplication.