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platforms, plural;
  1. A raised level surface on which people or things can stand
    • - there are viewing platforms where visitors may gape at the chasm
  2. A raised floor or stage used by public speakers or performers so that they can be seen by their audience
    • - earning her living on the concert platform
  3. A raised structure along the side of a railroad track where passengers get on and off trains at a station

  4. A raised structure standing in the sea from which oil or gas wells can be drilled or regulated

  5. A raised structure or orbiting satellite from which rockets or missiles may be launched

  6. A standard for the hardware of a computer system, determining what kinds of software it can run

  7. The declared policy of a political party or group
    • - seeking election on a platform of low taxes
  8. An opportunity to voice one's views or initiate action
    • - the forum will provide a platform for discussion of communication issues
  9. Shoes with very thick soles
    • - chunky platforms
    • - yellow platform shoes

  1. a raised horizontal surface; "the speaker mounted the platform"
  2. a document stating the aims and principles of a political party; "their candidate simply ignored the party platform"; "they won the election even though they offered no positive program"
  3. the combination of a particular computer and a particular operating system
  4. any military structure or vehicle bearing weapons
  5. chopine: a woman's shoe with a very high thick sole
  6. Platform is an interdisciplinary art group that creates projects having to do with social justice and environmental justice. A 1992 project by Platform sparked a local campaign to dig up the River Effra in London, England.
  7. Framing, in construction known as light-frame construction, is a building technique based around structural members, usually called studs, which provide a stable frame to which interior and exterior wall coverings are attached, and covered by a roof comprising horizontal ceiling joists and ...
  8. Platforms, in European politics, are openly organized political factions within left-wing political parties. ...
  9. Platform is a 2000 Chinese film written and directed by Jia Zhangke. The film is named after a popular song about waiting at a railway platform.
  10. In geology, a platform is a continental area covered by relatively flat or gently tilted, mainly sedimentary strata, which overlie a basement of consolidated igneous or metamorphic rocks of an earlier deformation. Platforms, shields and the basement rocks together constitute cratons.
  11. Platform is a 1993 Bollywood action film directed by Deepak Pawar and starring Ajay Devgan in the lead, with Tisca Chopra, Priya, Prithvi, and Paresh Rawal.
  12. A raised stage from which speeches are made and on which musical and other performances are made; A political stance on a broad set of issues, which are called planks; A raised structure from which passengers can enter or leave a train, metro etc; A set of components shared by several vehicle ...
  13. (PLATFORMS) Teragram operates on Windows, and FAST operates on Linux.
  14. (Platforms) A Platform refers to a shoe with a thickened sole that is literally a plaform under the shoe.
  15. (Platforms) Computer hardware. Some MIDI software will run on one platform (e.g., IBM PC's) but not on another (e.g., Macintosh).
  16. (Platforms) Leveled areas on ridges or hilltops.
  17. (Platforms) Microcomputer architectures, or underlying technologies.
  18. (Platforms) Shapefile (polygons) representing all platforms (a single-level mansonry structure) documented during the 2009 and 2010 archaeological surveys at SA1.
  19. (Platforms) Viruses, bacteria, virosomes, and nanoparticles used in vaccines to increase breadth, magnitude, and duration of induced immunity.
  20. (Platforms) a value-neutral means (including language, culture, money, technology and brands) of enabling people and organizations to make plans, to increase their innovative capacity and cost effectively create new products and services, and to improve the efficiency of existing offerings. ...
  21. (Platforms) and programming languages which may be affected by a vulnerability.
  22. (Platforms) are digital environments in which contributions, interactions, and other digital media are globally visible and persistent over time.
  23. (platforms) (e.g. operating systems, GUIs, and window managers that might use or reserve keys),
  24. (platforms) A satellite that can carry instruments. See bus. The same term is applied to automatic weather data transmitters installed on buoys, balloons, ships, and planes, and mounted in remote areas.
  25. (platforms) The underlying system and standards that makes up the built in and/or set top box. A platform enables interactivity and can include ITV related software, middleware, or hardware.