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plants, plural;
  1. Place (a seed, bulb, or plant) in the ground so that it can grow

  2. Place a seed, bulb, or plant in (a place) to grow
    • - the garden is planted with herbs
  3. Bury (someone)

  4. Place or fix in a specified position
    • - she planted a kiss on his cheek
  5. Position oneself
    • - she planted herself on the arm of his chair
  6. Establish (an idea) in someone's mind
    • - the seed of doubt is planted in his mind
  7. Secretly place (a bomb that is set to go off at a later time)

  8. Put or hide (something) among someone's belongings to compromise or incriminate the owner
    • - he planted drugs on him to extort a bribe
  9. Send (someone) to join a group or organization to act as a spy or informer

  10. Found or establish (a colony, city, or community)

  11. Deposit (young fish, spawn, oysters, etc.) in a river or lake

  1. A living organism of the kind exemplified by trees, shrubs, herbs, grasses, ferns, and mosses, typically growing in a permanent site, absorbing water and inorganic substances through its roots, and synthesizing nutrients in its leaves by photosynthesis using the green pigment chlorophyll

  2. A small organism of this kind, as distinct from a shrub or tree
    • - garden plants
  3. A place where an industrial or manufacturing process takes place
    • - the company has 30 plants in Mexico
  4. Machinery used in an industrial or manufacturing process
    • - inadequate investment in new plant
  5. Any system that is analyzed and controlled, e.g., the dynamic equations of an aircraft or the equations governing chemical processes

  6. A person placed in a group as a spy or informer
    • - we thought he was a CIA plant spreading disinformation
  7. A thing put among someone's belongings to incriminate or compromise them
    • - he insisted that the cocaine in the glove compartment was a plant

  1. buildings for carrying on industrial labor; "they built a large plant to manufacture automobiles"
  2. put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground; "Let's plant flowers in the garden"
  3. (botany) a living organism lacking the power of locomotion
  4. implant: fix or set securely or deeply; "He planted a knee in the back of his opponent"; "The dentist implanted a tooth in the gum"
  5. an actor situated in the audience whose acting is rehearsed but seems spontaneous to the audience
  6. establish: set up or lay the groundwork for; "establish a new department"
  7. Plants are living organisms belonging to the kingdom Plantae. They include familiar organisms such as trees, herbs, bushes, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae. ...
  8. A plant in control theory is the combination of process and actuator.
  9. The Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game contains many plant creatures that are composed of vegetable material, but unlike normal plants these monsters may be carnivorous, intelligent, mobile, or any combination of the three. ...
  10. A shill is a person who is paid to help another person or organization to sell goods or services. The shill pretends to have no association with the seller/group and gives onlookers the impression that he or she is an enthusiastic customer. ...
  11. Professional wrestling has accrued a considerable amount of slang, in-references, and jargon. Much of it stems from the industry's origins in the days of carnivals and circuses, and the slang itself is often referred to as "carny talk. ...
  12. This is a list of fictional nations and factions from the Japanese science fiction franchise Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. In this futuristic interpretation, nations and states of today's world have evolved into a number of political superblocs, with numerous political factions among them.
  13. An organism that is not an animal, especially an organism capable of photosynthesis. Typically a small or herbaceous organism of this kind, rather than a tree; An organism of the kingdom Plantae; now specifically, a living organism of the Embryophyta (land plants) or of the Chlorophyta (green ...
  14. (Planted) A term applied to mouldings that are attached to something and not formed from the same piece of timber.
  15. (Planting) Floral décor to enhance appearance of exhibit or show.
  16. (Planting) Positioning and marking out the parts of a clock between or on the clock plates, so that they will function correctly. It includes the correct positioning of the hands and winding squares on the dial.
  17. (Planting) Vegetative shoots used for planting are crown, slip, hapa, or ratoon.
  18. (Planting) Wilbytree can also supply and plant a huge range of trees, shrubs and hedging plants. We can also give professional advice on what to plant and where to plant with creation of plating schemes from simple replacement trees up to garden tree and shrub landscaping and up to large-scale ...
  19. (planting) Movementspeak for starting a new local church in a new area. Usually a mission team is assembled by an existing church to do this, and trains together at the existing church for several months or a year before moving to the new area and starting the new congregation.
  20. (planting) Vegetation used to create a landscape around a building design. Revit Structure provides a library of planting families. You can also create or download additional plants.
  21. PlantsOnWalls guarantees plants installed by PlantsOnWalls for a period of 30 days. PlantsOnWalls will not replace plants killed by animals, rodents, insects, mechanical damage, neglect, natural disasters or other reasons over which PlantsOnWalls has no control. ...
  22. (3. Plants (Plantae)) They are subdivided into lower and higher.
  23. (PLANTS) Personal development or productivity; areas of progressive change in your life; ideas or beliefs that are taking root inside / Falsely incriminating someone; laying blame on others / If dead or dying: Loss of vital enthusiasm; dying pleasure; stagnation
  24. (PLANTS) USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service Database of North American Plants
  25. (Plants (Kelp)) Seaweed such as Laminaria is grown in long rows suspended from the surface. Nutrients are supplied primarily from the surrounding water, although fertilizer can be added to supplement natural supplies of nitrogen and phosphorus.