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plans, plural;
  1. Decide on and arrange in advance
    • - they were planning a trip to Egypt
    • - he plans to fly on Wednesday
    • - we plan on getting married in the near future
  2. Make preparations for an anticipated event or time
    • - we have to plan for the future
  3. Design or make a plan of (something to be made or built)
    • - they were planning a garden
  1. A detailed proposal for doing or achieving something
    • - the UN peace plan
  2. A scheme for the regular payment of contributions toward a pension, savings account, or insurance policy
    • - a personal pension plan
  3. An intention or decision about what one is going to do
    • - I have no plans to retire
  4. A detailed diagram, drawing, or program, in particular

  5. A fairly large-scale map of a town or district
    • - a street plan
  6. A drawing or diagram made by projection on a horizontal plane, esp. one showing the layout of a building or one floor of a building

  7. A diagram showing how something will be arranged
    • - look at the seating plan

  1. Planning is the process of deciding, in advance, what is to be done and how it is to be done.
  2. (planning) Assigning estimates of the costs of all activities required to carry out the business of an organizational unit over the planning period.
  3. Regional planning -- Urban planning -- Zoning -- Green Belt
  4. (planning) plan / programme / planification
  5. ((Health) planning) A set of practices and procedures that are intended to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of health services and to improve health outcomes.  This important activity of all health departments commonly includes short-term, medium-term, and long-range planning. ...
  6. (2) Planning) After finding your semantic base, create topical fields of information (multiple keyword-rich pages) within the site (using a content management system) or supporting site architecture. ...
  7. (PLANNING) Document, record and collaboration management
  8. (Planning (System)) The process by which the performance of the electric system is evaluated and future changes and additions to the bulk electric systems are determined. ...
  9. (Planning) "Research, testing, analysis and design required for implementation of an Acquisition & Development, Archaeological Excavation or Museum Exhibit project. 1. ...
  10. (Planning) "Transport Investment For Growth Confirmed"
  11. (Planning) A formalized attitude and process that involves selecting a rational course of collective action to achieve a future state of affairs. ...
  12. (Planning) A subfield of AI concerned with systems that construct sequences of actions to achieve goals.
  13. (Planning) An Activity responsible for creating one or more Plans. For example, Capacity Planning.
  14. (Planning) Collection and analysis of specific information and the planning of response activities as the incident progresses.
  15. (Planning) Everything begins with the Planning stage.  It is here that you will meet with an HDC consultant to discuss all the relevant aspects to building your HD practice. ...
  16. (Planning) Filtering is best done with a plan. That plan should be created BEFORE captures begin. For example, know the throughput of the segments you are planning to monitor or test before you start live testing.
  17. (Planning) Focuses on intended outcomes for the park including: appropriateness of policies and legislation, the park design, and indicators for evaluation.
  18. (Planning) Generalplan Ost • Volksliste
  19. (Planning) Hold stakeholder meetings, define the purpose of the service/product/system, define user groups and their needs, create personas, determine the user experience, conduct ethnographic studies, review similar sites and incorporate findings into the development strategy.
  20. (Planning) Identifying all the work required to achieve a goal, then breaking down this work into manageable units that can be assigned, scheduled, resourced, tracked and organised.
  21. (Planning) Introduction> Making a Business Case: Project Phases: Project Management> Pitfalls> Case Studies
  22. (Planning) Once defined, plan for contingencies as part of the overall project plan; implement controls as needed
  23. (Planning) Setting of goals over a certain time and determining the methods for achieving these goals as well as the resources used.
  24. (Planning) Setting of parameters that define how a built form is developed, in consideration of its historical context and current surroundings.
  25. (Planning) Should your diagnostic confirm your firm’s export readiness, then proceed with the export planning process. ...