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pits, plural;
  1. Remove the pit from (fruit)

  1. The stone of a fruit

  1. a sizeable hole (usually in the ground); "they dug a pit to bury the body"
  2. set into opposition or rivalry; "let them match their best athletes against ours"; "pit a chess player against the Russian champion"; "He plays his two children off against each other"
  3. a concavity in a surface (especially an anatomical depression)
  4. scar: mark with a scar; "The skin disease scarred his face permanently"
  5. remove the pits from; "pit plums and cherries"
  6. stone: the hard inner (usually woody) layer of the pericarp of some fruits (as peaches or plums or cherries or olives) that contains the seed; "you should remove the stones from prunes before cooking"
  7. Pe is the seventeenth letter in many Semitic abjads, including Phoenician, Aramaic, Hebrew Pei פ, Persian alphabet Pe پ and Arabic alphabet ف (in abjadi order).
  8. Pittsburgh International Airport , formerly Greater Pittsburgh Airport, Greater Pittsburgh International Airport and commonly referred to as Pittsburgh International, is a joint civil–military international airport located in the Pittsburgh suburb of Findlay Township, approximately west of ...
  9. Pit is a fast-paced card game for three to eight players, designed to simulate open outcry bidding for commodities. The game was developed for Parker Brothers and first sold in 1904. ...
  10. The pit is the core of an implosion weapon – the fissile material and any neutron reflector or tamper bonded to it. ...
  11. Open outcry is the name of a method of communication between professionals on a stock exchange or futures exchange which involves shouting and the use of hand signals to transfer information primarily about buy and sell orders. The part of the trading floor where this takes place is called a pit.
  12. The Pit is a 1982 videogame by Centuri, an American manufacturer of arcade games.
  13. A hole in the ground; A seed inside a fruit; a stone or pip inside a fruit; A shell in a drupe containing a seed; An area at the auto racetrack used for refueling and repairing the cars during a race; A section of the marching band containing mallet percussion instruments and other large ...
  14. Precision Immobilization Technique; Pursuit Intervention Technique; Parallel Immobilization Technique; Programmable interval timer
  15. (the pits) Something miserable or unpleasant
  16. (Pits) either rectangular or circular depressions, may be the remains of structures or cellars used for storing kumara, or potatoes.
  17. (PITS) "This is just the pits."
  18. (Pits) Holes that occur on the surface of metal cames and frames. Generally the result of corrosion.
  19. (Pits) Outer section of the race track where riders park their bikes when they are not racing.
  20. (Pits) Service ducts located in the floor of an exhibition venue. Most would have power and telephone connections. Some have water, waste, compressed air or gas.
  21. (Pits) The active part of a strip mine where active excavation and mineral extraction is being done.
  22. (Pits) The hollows in a compact disc or DVD surface defining the data they contain. Pits measure less than 0.5 microns in width and are created by injection moulding using a nickel stamper.
  23. (Pits) The place where drag cars are worked on, fans can also meet their favorite drivers and get autographs.
  24. (Pits) The place where you work on your slot car at the raceway. In your home, it is called the kitchen.
  25. (Pits) holes or cavities in a rock that range from small pin-prick size to sunken depressions or craters. Rocks with pits will collect the grit in the tumbling process and require extensive cleaning between polishing phases.