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picnics, plural;
  1. Have or take part in a picnic

  1. An outing or occasion that involves taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors

  2. A meal eaten outdoors on such an occasion

  1. eat alfresco, in the open air; "We picnicked near the lake on this gorgeous Sunday"
  2. field day: a day devoted to an outdoor social gathering
  3. cinch: any undertaking that is easy to do; "marketing this product will be no picnic"
  4. any informal meal eaten outside or on an excursion
  5. In contemporary usage, a picnic can be defined simply as a pleasure excursion at which a meal is eaten outdoors (al fresco or en plein air), ideally taking place in a beautiful landscape such as a park, beside a lake or with an interesting view and possibly at a public event such as before an ...
  6. A user error is an error made by the human user of a complex system, usually a computer system, in interacting with it. Although the term is sometimes used by Human Computer Interaction practitioners, the more formal human error term is used in the context of human reliability.
  7. Picnic is a 1955 Cinemascope film in Technicolor.Variety film review; December 7, 1955, page 8.Harrison's Reports film review; December 10, 1955, page 198. ...
  8. Picnic is a 1996 Japanese film directed by Shunji Iwai. The film was shot in 1994, but not released until 1996.
  9. Picnic is an album by Texas-based folk singer-songwriter Robert Earl Keen, released in the United States in 1997 on Arista Records.
  10. Cadbury Picnic is a chocolate bar consisting of milk chocolate and peanuts, covering chewy nougat, caramel, biscuit and puffed rice. Picnic bars are lumpy in shape. It is sold in Australia, New Zealand, India, Ireland and the UK. ...
  11. Picnic is a 1953 play by William Inge. The play premiered at the Music Box Theatre, Broadway on 19 February 1953 in a production by the Theatre Guild, directed by Joshua Logan and ran for 477 performances.
  12. Picnic – A Breath of Fresh Air is a sampler issued by the Harvest Records label, originally released in 1970 and notable for including the previously unreleased Pink Floyd song, "Embryo".
  13. "Theme from Picnic" is a popular song, originated in the 1955 movie Picnic. It is often referred to simply as "Picnic".
  14. Picnic is a television talk show from the Mexican TV network Telehit, hosted by Melissa, Angie and Olivia.
  15. The Picnic (full title The Two Ronnies Present - The Picnic), is a 1976 BBC film starring The Two Ronnies, and written by Ronnie Barker under the pseudonyms "Dave Huggett and Larry Keith".
  16. "Problem In Chair, Not In Computer", or "Person in Chair, Not In Computer"; states that the problem was not in the computer but was instead caused by the user operating it
  17. A meal eaten outdoors or in another informal setting; An easy or pleasant task; To eat a picnic
  18. To dream of attending a picnic, foreshadows success and real enjoyment. Dreams of picnics, bring undivided happiness to the young. Storms, or any interfering elements at a picnic, implies the temporary displacement of assured profit and pleasure in love or business. See Kindred words.
  19. before it was an outdoor meal, a pic-nic was any social gathering for which each guest provided a share of the food. The Peerybingles, Plummers, Tackleton, May and her mother gather for a pic-nic in Cricket on the Hearth.
  20. had a successful Broadway run from February 19, 1953 to April 10, 1954. He followed with Bus Stop (1955) and The Dark at the Top of the Stairs (1957). The inspiration for the play Bus Stop came from people Inge met in Tonganoxie, Kansas.^[3] All three were adapted into major films.
  21. A wholesale cut in the pork carcass that includes the front leg, sternum and surrounding muscles.
  22. Pediatric Investigators Collaborative Network on Infections in Canada
  23. On the Friday at the end each Coed session, dinner is served by the staff and campers can sit wherever they wish (at other meals they usually sit by cabin.)  Some campers choose to dress up for the occasion and to sit with a special friend or two.