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physicians, plural;
  1. A person qualified to practice medicine

  2. A healer
    • - physicians of the soul

  1. doctor: a licensed medical practitioner; "I felt so bad I went to see my doctor"
  2. A physician—also known as doctor of medicine, medical doctor, or simply doctor—practices the ancient profession of medicine, which is concerned with maintaining or restoring human health through the study, diagnosis, and treatment of disease or injury. ...
  3. The Physician is a novel by Noah Gordon. It is about the life of a Christian English boy in the 11th century who journeys across Europe in order to study medicine from the Muslims.
  4. A practitioner of physic, i.e. a specialist in internal medicine, especially as opposed to a surgeon; a practitioner who treats with medication rather than with surgery; A medical doctor trained in human medicine
  5. (Physicians) Advertisers in this heading and other related Physician headings may be required to comply with various licensing and certification requirements in order to be listed under a specific practice area, and Orange Book does not and cannot guarantee that each advertiser has complied with ...
  6. (Physicians) The University of South Florida College of Medicine is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education to provide continuing medical education for physicians. ...
  7. (Physicians) and teachers are significant custodial entities
  8. (Physicians) are graduates of any faculty or school of medicine who are working in the country in any medical field (practice, teaching, research). (Data sources: WHO, OECD and TransMONEE, supplemented by country data)
  9. (Physicians) have passed an exam for Membership of the Royal College of Physicians (MRCP).  They may be elected to the Fellowship (FRCP) at a later date.
  10. Physicians are medical doctors or osteopaths who are licensed to practice medicine and to prescribe drugs. They have undergone extensive training in anatomy, physiology, etiology of disease and pharmaceutical medicine. ...
  11. For a young woman to dream of a physician, denotes that she is sacrificing her beauty in engaging in frivolous pastimes. ...
  12. Term used in BCBSM certificates to reference medical doctors, doctors of osteopathy, doctors of podiatric medicine, doctors of chiropractic, fully licensed psychologists, doctors of dental surgery and doctors of medicine in dentistry.
  13. Doctor who specialises in internal medicine-that is, in diseases of the body not usually associated with the need for surgery. Also known as an 'internist'.
  14. A legally qualified physician other than the insured, who is not a loss payee or owner under the policy.
  15. someone who is not you or a member of your immediate family who is licensed to prescribe drugs and administer medical treatment (within the scope of such licence) at the location where the treatment is provided. A physician does not include a naturopath, herbalist, chiropractor or homeopath.
  16. any doctor of medicine (M.D.) or doctor of osteopathy (D.O.) who is licensed and qualified under the law.
  17. A medical doctor, an osteopath, a psychologist, an acupuncturist, an optometrist, a dentist, a podiatrist or a chiropractor licensed in California. The definition of personal physician is more limited. See personal physician.
  18. A person who has completed studies in medicine at the university level (granted by adequate diploma) and who are licensed to practise. To be legally licensed for the independent practice of medicine, (s)he must, in most cases, undergo additional postgraduate training in a hospital. ...
  19. One of these professionals licensed under the applicable state laws:
  20. "Physician" means a person licensed to practice any of the healing arts in Alberta.  (Source:  s.1(1)(v) of the Act)
  21. Person possessing a degree in medicine (MD) or osteopathy (DO).
  22. Any Medical Doctor (M.D.) or Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) who has an active state medical license that allows him/her to prescribe medicine
  23. means a duly licensed practitioner of the healing arts acting within the scope of his/her license.
  24. An officially licensed and or certified provider of health care services in the United States, such as a Medical Doctor (MD), Osteopath (DO), Psychologist or other practitioner (as defined by Medicare).  See also Primary Care Physician and Specialist.
  25. GP and hospital doctors and those in the armed forces excluding Surgeon