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photocopies, plural;
  1. Make a photocopy of

  1. A photographic copy of printed or written material produced by a process involving the action of light on a specially prepared surface

  1. a photographic copy of written or printed or graphic work
  2. reproduce by xerography
  3. A photocopier (also known as a copier or copy machine) is a machine that makes paper copies of documents and other visual images quickly and cheaply. Most current photocopiers use a technology called xerography, a dry process using heat. ...
  4. (Photocopying) An electronphotographic copying process that uses a corona charged selenium photoconductor surface, electrostatic forces and dry or liquid toner to form an image. Also known as Xerography.
  5. (Photocopying) Black and white photocopies – stacked, collated, enlarged, reduced.  Discounts for quantities are applicable.  Colour copies available to A4 maximum – from originals or scanned into and edited on the computer.
  6. A digital process for document duplication and may result in a paper product or pdf equivalent. The use of photocopies may or may not be covered by fair use depending upon the nature of the distribution and its intended use. ...
  7. A mechanical printing process that uses a light sensitive printing element, magnetic toner and a heating element to fuse the toner to the paper.
  8. A copy produced on or by means of sensitized materials by the action of light or other radiant energy with or without intermediate negative. (SAA)
  9. a "Xerox" copy, made on a copy machine
  10. 1. a reproduction of an original document. Invented in the 1950s, the photocopy all but replaced the [mimeograph] some time in the 1970s. The process is also called xerography and copies are also called xerographs; the adjective is xerographic. ...
  11. Copying process where pigment is attracted to copy of an image on paper by a light-sensitive electrostatic charge. Often termed 'Xerography'.
  12. Method of printing that transfers images electrostatically and creates them on paper with powder bonded by heat.
  13. Reproduction made on a photocopier