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personated, past participle; personates, 3rd person singular present; personating, present participle; personated, past tense;
  1. Play the part of (a character in a drama)

  2. Pretend to be (someone else), esp. for fraudulent purposes, such as casting a vote in another person's name

  1. pose: pretend to be someone you are not; sometimes with fraudulent intentions; "She posed as the Czar's daughter"
  2. personify: attribute human qualities to something; "The Greeks personated their gods ridiculous"
  3. (personation) impersonation: imitating the mannerisms of another person
  4. (personation) portrayal: acting the part of a character on stage; dramatically representing the character by speech and action and gesture
  5. (Personating) In satire, truthiness is a "truth" that a person claims to know intuitively "from the gut" without regard to evidence, logic, intellectual examination, or facts.
  6. Personation (rather than impersonation) is a term used in politics for the specific kind of voter fraud where an individual votes in an election, whilst pretending to be a different elector.
  7. to fraudulently portray another person; to impersonate; to portray a character (as in a play); to act; to attribute personal characteristics to something; to personify
  8. Applied to a bilabiate corolla having a prominent palate almost or entirely closing the throat.