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Awaiting decision or settlement,
  1. Awaiting decision or settlement
    • - nine cases were still pending
  2. About to happen; imminent
    • - with a presidential election pending, it would be wrong to force the changes through now
    • - the pending disaster
  1. Until (something) happens or takes place
    • - they were released on bail pending an appeal

  1. awaiting conclusion or confirmation; "business still pending"
  2. Pending is a name of a district located in Kuching city in the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Administratively, it is located in the Kuching South City Council area. It is predominantly an industrial zone in Kuching and it is where many factories in Kuching is located. ...
  3. Pend is a Scottish architectural term referring to a passageway that passes through a building, often from a street through to a courtyard, and typically designed for vehicular rather than exclusively pedestrian access.
  4. (pend) oil cake; penock; : A large vaulted passageway leading through a tenement-style building from the main street, giving access to the rear of the building or an internal courtyard; To delay or wait before action on something
  5. (Pend) (Scots): Open-ended ground-level passage through a building.
  6. The status of a case that is not yet resolved by the court. (See also active status.)
  7. The period in which the patent office has not yet decided whether to reject or to grant a patent application, and it has not yet been withdrawn.
  8. Your Hold Request appears in a list of items that library staff will retrieve from the shelves and route to your Pick-up destination.
  9. Status of an application that has been successfully filed in ULS and is awaiting FCC action. Pending Status 1 refers to applications that have been submitted but not processed by ULS. ...
  10. The request is moving through the rota sequentially; it has been recognized and sent to the lender or placed in a rota; the item supplied; the request has been forwarded to another location.  Requests in Pending for more than 2 weeks should be reviewed to find the hang-up.
  11. This report has been submitted and is awaiting review to be "Accepted or Rejected" by the Federal Government Agency whom awarded you the contract.
  12. When an active request is routed to another library to be filled, the status changes to pending.
  13. 1. Not as yet decided. or 2. Being in the state of continuance.
  14. The item has been requested, but has not been sent yet.
  15. for Approval — The default node status after running Microsoft Compute Cluster Pack setup on a compute node. The cluster administrator must approve or reject the node for inclusion in the cluster. When approved, the node status changes to Paused.
  16. financial aid award is pending payment to you or your account. For most awards this indicates class attendance has not been verified for the semester. Once attendance has been verified, an Accepted status will appear.
  17. The term used to refer to a motion under consideration.
  18. A BTS tag indicating that "a solution to this bug has been found and an upload will be made soon". In practice this may mean anything from "my regular sponsor is away for the weekend" to "it'll be folded into the scheduled major release in the new year"
  19. Waiting to be decided or settled: ‘pending case’.
  20. Pending properties are when a contract has been submitted and is ratified or in the process of being ratified.  It includes the statuses of Contingent and Contract
  21. A pending item is not fully completed at the current time. For sessions, not all trades in that session have been executed with fund companies. For wires, the wire has not be sent by TreasuryPoint or received by TreasuryPoint at the current time.
  22. An alternate option for a property that is under contract, a listing entered into “Pending” status is effectively removed from the market (not soliciting backup offers) while escrow is navigated.
  23. A claim that is created online and submitted to the Trust. A pending claim is assigned a claim number and is awaiting review.
  24. A house that already has a contract on it.
  25. Begun, but not yet completed; during; before the conclusion of; prior to the completion of; unsettled; in the process of adjustment.