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penalizing, present participle; penalising, present participle; penalised, past tense; penalised, past participle; penalises, 3rd person singular present; penalized, past participle; penalizes, 3rd person singular present; penalized, past tense;
  1. Subject to some form of punishment
    • - you'll be penalized if you tap the account before age 59
  2. (in various sports) Punish (a player or team) for a breach of the rules by awarding an advantage to the opposition

  3. Put in an unfavorable position or at an unfair disadvantage
    • - if the bill is not amended, genuine claimants will be penalized
  4. Make or declare (an act or offense) legally punishable
    • - section twenty penalizes possession of a firearm when trespassing

  1. punish: impose a penalty on; inflict punishment on; "The students were penalized for showing up late for class"; "we had to punish the dog for soiling the floor again"
  2. (penalization) punishment: the act of punishing
  3. To subject to a penalty, especially for the infringement of a rule or regulation; To impose a handicap on
  4. (Penalized) A financial penalty has been imposed on a charity because it was not complying with specific legislative obligations under the Income Tax Act.
  5. (Penalization) to prevent sight out of the good eye and force the weaker, amblyopic eye, to function. A filter, eye patch, or eye drops such as atropin or miotics are used on the good eye.
  6. To punish an individual or team-by means of a penalty.