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patrols, plural;
  1. Keep watch over (an area) by regularly walking or traveling around or through it
    • - the garrison had to patrol the streets to maintain order
    • - pairs of men were patrolling on each side of the thoroughfare
  1. A person or group of people sent to keep watch over an area, esp. a detachment of guards or police
    • - a police patrol stopped the man and searched him
  2. The action of keeping watch over an area by walking or driving around it at regular intervals
    • - the policemen were on patrol when they were ordered to investigate the incident
  3. An expedition to carry out reconnaissance
    • - we were ordered to investigate on a night patrol
  4. A detachment of troops sent out to reconnoiter
    • - you couldn't go through the country without meeting an enemy patrol
  5. A routine operational voyage of a ship or aircraft
    • - a submarine patrol
  6. A unit of six to eight Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts forming part of a troop

  1. a detachment used for security or reconnaissance
  2. maintain the security of by carrying out a patrol
  3. the activity of going around or through an area at regular intervals for security purposes
  4. A patrol is commonly a group of law enforcement personnel, such as police officers or soldiers, that are assigned to monitor a specific geographic area. The purpose is often to maintain rule of law.
  5. Patrol was a board wargame released in the early 1970s as a companion to Sniper! in 1974 by Simulations Publications, Inc. It billed itself as "Man to Man Combat in the 20th Century" and simulated combat from the First World War to the (then) present day.
  6. Patrolling is a military tactic. Small groups or individual units are deployed from a larger formation to achieve a specific objective and then return. The tactic of patrolling may be applied to ground troops, armoured units, naval units, and combat aircraft. ...
  7. A going of the rounds along the chain of sentinels and between the posts, by a guard, usually consisting of three or four men, to insure greater security from attacks on the outposts; A movement, by a small body of troops beyond the line of outposts, to explore the country and gain ...
  8. (Patrolling) in odonates, refers to males that defend their territories by flying through the area rather than sitting on a perch. Patrolling odonates are fliers while those that sit on perches are perchers.
  9. (patrolling) A mate-locating behavior of butterflies characterized by males flying through likely habitat in search of receptive females.
  10. (patrolling) Flying back and forth over a fixed area. Used to describe the flight of males when actively searching for females.
  11. PY  • P2Y  • P3Y  • XP4Y-1/ P4Y-2  • PBY • PB2Y • XPB3Y • PB4Y-2
  12. A strategy of mate location used by male butterflies, consisting of constant flight.
  13. A small group of Scouts of mixed ages. A Scout Troop is made up of several patrols.
  14. The Patrol is the basic unit within a troop. Made up of 6-10 scouts who camp, cook and eat together. They work as a team at various activities and events. They elect their own leader.
  15. 1. To travel over a given route to prevent, detect, and suppress fires. Includes interaction with the public for wildland fire prevention and educational purposes. 2. ...
  16. A widely used form of troop government where the troop divides into small groups.
  17. Small group of girls that plans and carries out activities within the troop/larger group.
  18. a detachment of ground, sea, or air forces sent out for the purpose of gathering information or carrying out a destructive, harassing, mopping-up, or security mission (JP 1-02)
  19. Small guard under a non-commissioned officer, whose duty it is to preserve order in the encampment.
  20. SUPERVISE, that is, (2h)[K] are crossed at wrists and circle in a plan perpendicular to the body. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - patrol.
  21. One or more men who go out in front and prowl in the dark, seeking information of the enemy.
  22. A small group of Boy Scouts within a troop. Work together as a team.
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