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patches, plural;
  1. Mend or strengthen (fabric or an item of clothing) by putting a piece of material over a hole or weak point in it
    • - her jeans were neatly patched
  2. Place a patch over (a good eye) in order to encourage a lazy eye to work

  3. Correct, enhance, or modify (a routine or program) by inserting a patch

  4. Cover small areas of (a surface) with something different, causing it to appear variegated
    • - the grass was patched with sandy stretches
  5. Treat someone's injuries or repair the damage to something, esp. hastily
    • - they did their best to patch up the gaping wounds
  6. Construct something hastily from unsuitable components
    • - lean-tos patched together from aluminum siding and planks
    • - they were trying to patch together an arrangement for cooperation
  7. Restore peaceful or friendly relations after a quarrel or dispute
    • - any ill feeling could be patched up with a phone call
    • - they sent him home to patch things up with his wife
  8. Connect by a temporary electrical, radio, or telephonic connection
    • - Ralph had patched her through to the meeting by walkie-talkie
  9. Become connected in this way
    • - stay on the open line and we'll patch in on you
  1. A piece of cloth or other material used to mend or strengthen a torn or weak point

  2. A pad or shield worn over a sightless or injured eye or an eye socket

  3. A piece of cloth sewn onto clothing as a badge or distinguishing mark

  4. A small piece of code inserted into a program to improve its functioning or to correct an error

  5. An adhesive piece of drug-impregnated material worn on the skin so that the drug can be absorbed gradually over a period of time

  6. (on an animal or bird) An area of hair or plumage different in color from that on most of the rest of the body

  7. A part of something marked out from the rest by a particular characteristic
    • - his hair was combed forward to hide a growing bald patch
  8. A small area or amount of something
    • - patches of bluebells in the grass
  9. A small disk of black silk attached to the face, esp. as worn by women in the 17th and 18th centuries for adornment

  10. A small piece of ground, esp. one used for gardening
    • - they spent Sundays digging their vegetable patch
  11. An area for which someone is responsible or in which they operate
    • - we didn't want any secret organizations on our patch
  12. A period of time seen as a distinct unit with a characteristic quality
    • - he may have been going through a bad patch
  13. A temporary electrical or telephone connection

  14. A preset configuration or sound-data file in an electronic musical instrument, esp. a synthesizer

  1. spot: a small contrasting part of something; "a bald spot"; "a leopard's spots"; "a patch of clouds"; "patches of thin ice"; "a fleck of red"
  2. to join or unite the pieces of; "patch the skirt"
  3. provide with a patch; also used metaphorically; "The field was patched with snow"
  4. plot: a small area of ground covered by specific vegetation; "a bean plot"; "a cabbage patch"; "a briar patch"
  5. mend by putting a patch on; "patch a hole"
  6. a piece of cloth used as decoration or to mend or cover a hole
  7. A patch is a piece of software designed to fix problems with, or update a computer program or its supporting data. This includes fixing security vulnerabilities and other bugs, and improving the usability or performance. ...
  8. There are many conditions of or affecting the human integumentary system—the organ system that comprises the entire surface of the body and includes skin, hair, nails, and related muscle and glands.
  9. The Blue Peter pets are the animals who regularly appear on the BBC children's television series Blue Peter. For 27 years, when not on TV, these pets were often looked after by Blue Peter's long-standing pet keeper, Edith Menezes who died in 1994. ...
  10. A synthesizer, or "synth", is an electronic musical instrument that uses filters and tone generators to create waveforms which are then processed to generate sound. ...
  11. patch is a Unix program that updates text files according to instructions contained in a separate file, called a patch file. ...
  12. is a community-specific news and information platform that focuses on individual towns and communities.
  13. A piece of cloth, or other suitable material, sewed or otherwise fixed upon a garment to repair or strengthen it, especially upon an old garment to cover a hole; A small piece of anything used to repair a breach; as, a patch on a kettle, a roof, etc; A small piece of black silk stuck on the face ...
  14. (Patched) A coat coloration that has patches of different colors, for example: a Calico cat or a Toroiseshell and While cat.
  15. (Patches) Filler material inserted into defects of veneers or panels for repair.
  16. (Patches) Intersections of sound wood plugs or shims placed and taped into veneer faces to fill small voids.
  17. (Patches) Minor enhancements to the Software that typically provide interoperability updates.
  18. (Patches) Several meanings including a repair or a means to permanently attach something to the tubes.
  19. (Patches) Small sections of fur with a color foreign to the standard of the rabbit.
  20. (Patches) Submit on sourceforge
  21. (Patches) The small cloth pieces that are sewn onto a uniform for various reasons, including showing rank, displaying awards earned, membership in a council, unit, or other group.
  22. (Patches) There are several different kinds of patches a cub scout may earn to put on his uniform. These include their rank badges (such as the Wolf badge) and a wide variety of cub scout special awards that may be worn on the uniform as either a permanent or temporary patch (depending on the ...
  23. (Patches) Used with fog to denote random occurrence over relatively small areas.
  24. (Patches) is a green parrot owned by the pirate Captain Clump, who often carries the bird on his shoulder. Like Captain Clump, Patches possesses an eyepatch and a peg leg. Patches and his owner appear in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! episode "Pirates of Koopa".
  25. (Patches) released for Furcadia are "mods" or "addons" to the base content included with it. This can be new player portraits (either by specific species or entire replacement packs), custom avatar sprites (to enable play as feral wolves for example), new tiles to create original-looking Dreams, ...