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paralyses, plural;
  1. The loss of the ability to move (and sometimes to feel anything) in part or most of the body, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury

  2. Inability to act or function in a person, organization, or place
    • - the paralysis gripping the country

  1. loss of the ability to move a body part
  2. (paralyzed) paralytic: affected with paralysis
  3. Paralysis is the complete loss of muscle function for one or more muscles. Paralysis can be accompanied by a loss of feeling (sensory loss) in the affected area if there is sensory damage as well as motor.
  4. Paralysis is the second EP by the Norwegian metal band Extol. It was released only in Sweden in 2001 by Endtime Productions. Paralysis was the band's last record on that label as they were signed to Century Media afterwards. ...
  5. On Thorns I Lay (previously known as Paralysis, then Phlebotomy) is a gothic metal band founded in 1992 in Athens, Greece .
  6. Sphere3 (pronounced Sphere Cubed) are a progressive rock / jazz fusion band from Great Britain.
  7. (Paralyzed (album)) Paralyzed is the second studio album by the Vermont-based doom metal band Witch, founded by J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr.
  8. (Paralyzed (Elvis Presley song)) "Paralyzed" is a 1956 song recorded by Elvis Presley for his album Elvis. The song was recorded on September 2, 1956, and has been well-received by modern music critics. ...
  9. The complete loss of voluntary control of part of person's body, such as one or more limbs
  10. Complete loss of the ability to control muscular activity in various locations.
  11. Paralysis is a bad dream, denoting financial reverses and disappointment in literary attainment. To lovers, it portends a cessation of affections.
  12. a virus disease of adult bees which affects their ability to use legs or wings normally.
  13. Loss of muscle function due to injury or disease of the nervous system.
  14. after a regional anesthetic such as an epidural, spinal or ganglionic blockade is extremely rare, but can occur. Paralysis reportedly occurs even less frequently than deaths due to general anesthesia.
  15. Complete or partial loss of functioning, usually involving motor function in a part of the body.
  16. Also called "Vocal Fold Paralysis". A voice disorder in which one or both vocal folds do not move, often causing a gap between the two vocal folds, which allows air to leak through and disrupts vibration. ...
  17. Inability to move the muscles. Paralysis usually occurs in the arms or legs, but any muscle can become paralyzed, including those that control breathing.
  18. A Pokémon inflicted with paralysis will move more slowly than normal and cannot pick up any berries.
  19. Inability to use muscles because of nerve damage
  20. loss of voluntary movement due to failure of nerve impulses to reach the muscles involved. It may result from almost any disorder of the nervous system, including brain or spinal cord injury, poliomyelitis, stroke, and progressive conditions such as a tumor or multiple sclerosis. ...
  21. Loss of function in a part of the body due to lesion of the neural or muscular mechanisms controlling it.
  22. Frustration, fear of failure, or hopelessness.
  23. Extreme fear, guilt, indecision, etc. that prevents you from moving forward in life; avoiding responsibility; adopting a stance of extreme resistance to something; withdrawing from life
  24. When this character hits a living enemy, it can temporarily paralyze its prey. The target is stunned (see that entry). The target can avoid this effect with a save of 11.
  25. Paralysis can only be resisted by a Greater Feat of Will. If Paralyzed, you are completely incapacitated and cannot move in any way. The condition is permanent until cured, but during its duration you may slip instantly into death, at will. ...