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(of lines, planes, surfaces, or objects) Side by side and having the same distance continuously between them,
  1. (of lines, planes, surfaces, or objects) Side by side and having the same distance continuously between them
    • - parallel lines never meet
    • - the road runs parallel to the Ottawa River
  2. Occurring or existing at the same time or in a similar way; corresponding
    • - a parallel universe
    • - they shared an apartment in Dallas while establishing parallel careers
  3. Involving the simultaneous performance of operations

  4. Of or denoting electrical components or circuits connected to common points at each end, rather than one to another in sequence

  5. Containing or denoting successive intervals of the same size in otherwise independent voices
    • - an answering phrase in parallel thirds
  6. Characterized by parallelism
    • - a parallel structure of transitive clauses
  1. (of something extending in a line) Be side by side with (something extending in a line), always keeping the same distance
    • - a big concrete gutter that paralleled the road
  2. Be similar or corresponding to (something)
    • - the lawlessness throughout officialdom was paralleled by an increase in lawlessness on the streets
  1. A person or thing that is similar or analogous to another
    • - a challenge that has no parallel in peacetime this century
  2. A similarity
    • - he points to a parallel between biological evolution and cognitive development
  3. A comparison
    • - he draws a parallel between personal destiny and social forces
  4. Each of the imaginary parallel circles of constant latitude on the earth's surface

  5. A corresponding line on a map

  6. Two parallel lines (‖) as a reference mark

  1. be parallel to; "Their roles are paralleled by ours"
  2. being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting; "parallel lines never converge"; "concentric circles are parallel"; "dancers in two parallel rows"
  3. analogue: something having the property of being analogous to something else
  4. of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations; "parallel processing"
  5. latitude: an imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator
  6. twin: duplicate or match; "The polished surface twinned his face and chest in reverse"
  7. Paral·lel is the name of a Barcelona metro station, currently the southern terminus of L2 and also served by L3. The two lines are side by side to facilitate transfer, with a direct connection between Zona Universitària (L3) and Pep Ventura (L2) platforms.
  8. A parallel of a curve is the envelope of a family of congruent circles centered on the curve. It generalises the concept of parallel lines. It can also be defined as a curve whose points are at a fixed normal distance of a given curve.
  9. Components of an electrical circuit or electronic circuit can be connected in many different ways. The two simplest of these are called series and parallel and occur very frequently. ...
  10. Parallelism is a term in geometry and in everyday life that refers to a property in Euclidean space of two or more lines or planes, or a combination of these. The existence and properties of parallel lines are the basis of Euclid's parallel postulate. ...
  11. A circle of latitude, on the Earth, is an imaginary east-west circle connecting all locations (not taking into account elevation) that share a given latitude. A location's position along a circle of latitude is given by its longitude.
  12. GNU parallel is a command-line driven utility for Linux or other Unix-like operating systems which allows the user to execute shell scripts in parallel. GNU parallel is a free software, written in perl. It is available under the terms of GPLv3.
  13. (PARALLELS (OR SIDEBANDS)) A term used by Underwood to describe parallel lines that run on either side of the centre of a geodetic line. He also called these secondary lines.
  14. (PARALLELS) Horizontal nodal lines positioned at different elevations on a bell's wall. These are associated with vertical waves of varying length and frequency. (See Meridians.)
  15. (Parallels) (1 Promotions Today)
  16. (Parallels) An application designed specifically for the Intel based Macs allowing users to run Microsoft's Windows operating system inside a window.
  17. (Parallels) Horizontal guidelines in the United States Government Survey.
  18. (Parallels) Lines of latitude, north and south of the Equator.
  19. (Parallels) Temporary Scaffolding, used as a platform for the camera, lighting, or other rigging. (Grip/Lighting)
  20. (Parallels) The lines running horizontally around the globe. 0 degrees = the equator. 90 degrees = north pole
  21. The simultaneous performance of related activities or tasks, normally using different resources, that enables completing those activities faster than if they were done in a serial manner.
  22. Term used to describe the interconnection of cells or batteries in which all the like terminals are connected together. Results in increased capacity.
  23. An electric circuit in which the elements or components are connected between two points with one of the two ends of each component connected to each point.
  24. Two lines are parallel if they are in the same plane and never intersect.
  25. Process in which more than computation is performed at the same time.