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Of the nature of a paradigm or model,
  1. Of the nature of a paradigm or model
    • - they offer this database as a paradigmatic example
  2. Of or denoting the relationship between a set of linguistic items that form mutually exclusive choices in particular syntactic roles

  1. of or relating to a grammatical paradigm; "paradigmatic inflection"
  2. related as members of a substitution class; "paradigmatic word associations"
  3. The word paradigm refers to a dynamic field or "world" of concepts --such that it represents a union between intelligent inquiry and some particular kind of world view. The term has been used in linguistics and science to describe distinct concepts. ...
  4. (Paradigmatics) C. S. Herrman is an American philosopher and behavioral theorist. Charles Hartshorne, once considered “the world’s greatest living metaphysician" (Encyclopædia Britannica, 15th ed.) called Herrman “a brilliant thinker and writer”. ...
  5. The mismatch is a characteristic of a portion of the paradigm for all relevant lexemes.
  6. refers to the "vertical" structure of a language, and is primarily concerned with how meaning changes when one element is substituted for another. Click here to see some examples of paradigmatic exercises using minimal pairs. See also: syntagmatic
  7. Relating to the notion of paradigm. Paradigmatic relations have to do with oppositions between members of the same form-class, eg nouns, adjectives, verbs. Contrast syntagmatic.