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pamphlets, plural;
  1. Distribute pamphlets to

  1. A small booklet or leaflet containing information or arguments about a single subject

  1. booklet: a small book usually having a paper cover
  2. tract: a brief treatise on a subject of interest; published in the form of a booklet
  3. A pamphlet is an unbound booklet (that is, without a hard cover or binding). It may consist of a single sheet of paper that is printed on both sides and folded in half, in thirds, or in fourths (called a leaflet), or it may consist of a few pages that are folded in half and saddle stapled at the ...
  4. (Pamphlets) A short printed publication that is unbound, often written to inform on some topic or to address a controversial public issue. RM Barry Publications got its start with pamphlets!
  5. (Pamphlets) at the Courtright Memorial Library they are housed in black file cabinets on the 2nd floor (against the wall near the West emergency exit). Pamphlets are housed in cabinets that are often called the Vertical File. ...
  6. (Pamphlets) library material which is shelved in boxes rather than on the "normal" shelves because of its flimsy nature.  You'll need to look at the Library floor plans in order to locate Pamphlets.
  7. A small separate work issued in paper wraps.
  8. A book composed of less than 100 pages (typically) and usually given only a paper cover.
  9. A complete monograph (1.3.1) of at least 5 but not more than 49 pages, usually on paper (see Footnote 12).
  10. A leaflet or short, bound booklet. As they were cheaper to produce and bind than a book, pamphlets were often used by campaigners or those with a political, social or religious idea. They were ideal for communicating with a wide range of people.
  11. A small or floppy book which can not stand up for itself on a shelf and so is kept in a box alongside other pamphlets with the same classmark.
  12. A binding enclosure for pamphlets or magazines up to ½” thick. Original binding is left intact and pieces are center-stapled into the pamphlet. The pamphlet is constructed with .020pt point clear polyester (PETG) front cover and .056 dark grey, acid- free, acrylic coated board. ...
  13. An informational brochure that is usually only one or two pages.
  14. Pamphlets are very small books which usually have a small number of pages. They can be found grouped in boxes rather than shelved with the other book
  15. A printed publication of 48 pages or less, bound in paper covers.
  16. Use this form to enter information on monographs and other pamphlets. Generally, a pamphlet is not distinguishable from a book.
  17. A brief booklet, typically discussing an issue of the time and about which the writer feels strongly. In the past the benefit of a pamphlet was that it was fairly simple to generate: it was therefore particularly favoured by underground writers and revolutionaries as a mode of communication. ...
  18. A publication on one subject usually between 5 and 48 pages, fastened but not bound like a book.
  19. A booklet or small book in paper covers, usually kept in a folder in a filing cabinet.
  20. A printed work of less than 50 pages.
  21. A short treatise or disquisition, often on a contemporary or controversial subject, published informally, variously sized and illustrated, and bound by staples or stitching. See brochure, booklet, chapbook, monograph, tabloid, newsletter, leaflet, journal, catalog, news book, collateral. ...
  22. 1. small separate work, usually bound without a cover, also called a [booklet]. Compare [leaflet]. 2. volume published with no cover, or with a paper cover, not part of a [series], and having five or more pages and fewer than 49 (Library of Congress definition).
  23. A small book which has a paper cover and less than thirty pages.
  24. Single sheet of paper, printed on one or both sides. May be folded once to create a 4-paged leaflet. Also taken to be 'Brochure' of upto 12 pages. Originally contained an essay on a political or controversial nature. More commonly know as 'Leaflet'.
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