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painters, plural;
  1. A rope attached to the bow of a boat for tying it to a quay

  1. an artist who paints
  2. a worker who is employed to cover objects with paint
  3. a line that is attached to the bow of a boat and used for tying up (as when docking or towing)
  4. cougar: large American feline resembling a lion
  5. (painterly) having qualities unique to the art of painting
  6. (painting) graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to a surface; "a small painting by Picasso"; "he bought the painting as an investment"; "his pictures hang in the Louvre"
  7. Painter was a Canadian rock band formed in the early 1970s in Calgary.
  8. Corel Painter is a raster-based digital art application created to simulate as accurately as possible the appearance and behavior of traditional media associated with drawing, painting, and printmaking. ...
  9. The Painter is an album released in 1981 by KC and the Sunshine Band. The album, like its predecessor, generated fairly little success, as the band turned to a more pop-focused music. A notable track on this album is the ballad, All Through The Night. ...
  10. (Painterly) Painterliness is a translation of the German term malerisch, one of the opposed categories popularized by Swiss art historian Heinrich Wölfflin (1864 - 1945) in order to help focus, enrich and standardize the terms being used by art historians of his time to characterize works of art ...
  11. (The Painting) Everything That Happens Will Happen Today is the second album made in collaboration between David Byrne and Brian Eno, released on August 18, 2008, by Todo Mundo.
  12. An artist who paints pictures; A laborer or workman who paints surfaces using a paintbrush or other means; A rope connected to the bow of a boat, used to attach it to, e.g. a jetty or another boat; A mountain lion, by mispronunciation of "panther"
  13. (painterly) Characteristic of a painter or paintings; Having clear brush-strokes
  14. (painterly) Painting characterized by openness of form, in which shapes are defined by loose brushwork in light and dark color areas rather than by outline or contour.
  15. (Painterly) Describes a style of painting created by technique of applying areas or patches of color and not linear or outline drawing. Painterly image form edges have the propensity to merge into the background rather than separated by delineated outlines. ...
  16. (PAINTERLY) A description referring to the HANDLING of a painting whereby the presence of the artist is clearly visible in the work by means of brush strokes and interpretation. Such works are usually a free representation of form in patches of colored light and shade.
  17. (Painterly) De-emphasizing line.
  18. (Painterly) in painting, using the quality of color and texture, rather than line, to define form.
  19. (painterly) a painting technique where the artist's large brushstrokes are visible (examples: all the same as "impasto").
  20. (Painters) Ropes attached to the bow and stern of a canoe used for lining or pulling.
  21. (1.)Painters) You probably will see the difference and appreciate the features of a wacom, even more so with the new intuos 4. If your on a budget then the Intuos 3 is just as good as a pick without the intuos4 cons and some of its pro features but still a great buy.
  22. (Painters) The light line secured to a small boat's sternpost receives its name from the French word "Peyntours," meaning a noose or bight.
  23. (painting) Detailed color artwork, usually produced by a single artist or a primary artist with assistants. Usually credited in the Pencils, Inks and Colorist fields as: artist’s name (painting).
  24. (Painting) Works of art made with paint on a surface.
  25. (painting) Applying dye, stain or color to the front of the rug after the rug is woven.  Exposed foundation is sometimes painted to conceal wear.