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Not yet having arrived, happened, or been done, though after the expected time,
  1. Not yet having arrived, happened, or been done, though after the expected time
    • - reform is now overdue
  2. (of a payment) Not having been made, though required
    • - the rent was nearly three months overdue
  3. (of a woman) Having gone beyond the expected time for a menstrual period

  4. (of a baby) Not having been born, though beyond full gestation
    • - our daughter was six days overdue
  5. Having deserved or needed something for some time
    • - she was overdue for some leave
  6. (of a library book) Retained longer than the period allowed

  1. delinquent: past due; not paid at the scheduled time; "an overdue installment"; "a delinquent account"
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  4. Late; especially, past a deadline or too late to fulfill a need
  5. If a borrowed item is not returned by the due date it becomes overdue. Penalties and fines apply to all library materials which are returned late. ...
  6. adj. vencido, atrasado, en atraso, en mora
  7. Requests on loan to your library that are past their due date.  Based on Summit loan rules.
  8. indicates something that has missed its deadline: You must return these overdue books to the library immediately, or A visit to our grandparents is long overdue.
  9. An item has been kept by the borrower past its due date. There are usually fines for overdue items.
  10. The status of an account when the minimum payment has not been received by the due date.
  11. An item that has not been returned by the date or time due is said to be overdue. Keeping materials overdue may result in penalties or restrictions on your library privileges.
  12. adj (late, payment) malfruaJW,VIE, (happening after the expected time) posttempaJW
  13. An amount of money that has not been paid by the due date and is still owed.
  14. When an item has not been returned to the library by the Due Date.
  15. An item that is kept past its due date.
  16. Library, video store... I always have something overdue.
  17. A book that is late. A fine (money for late items) is charged for overdue books.
  18. An outstanding bill or account not paid on the due date.