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overdraws, 3rd person singular present; overdrawing, present participle; overdrawn, past participle; overdrew, past tense;
  1. Draw money from (one's bank account) in excess of what the account holds
    • - you only pay interest if your account is overdrawn
  2. (of a person) Have taken money out of an account in excess of what it holds
    • - I'm already overdrawn this month
  3. Exaggerate in describing or depicting (someone or something)
    • - some of the characters were overdrawn
  4. Draw (a bow) too far

  1. (overdraw) draw more money from than is available; "She overdrew her account"
  2. (overdraw) overstate: to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth; "tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South' imagery"
  3. An overdraft occurs when withdrawals from a bank account exceed the available balance. In this situation a person is said to be "overdrawn".
  4. (overdraw) Commonly described in graphics technical terms as the process by which during the rendering of a scene, a pixel at a given X,Y location in the final image is replaced by one which is closer to the view point than the existing pixel as determined by their corresponding Z values; A ...
  5. (Overdraw) to draw an arrow so that the point of the arrow passes the face of the bow or drawing beyond the anchor
  6. (Overdraw) to take more money out of an account than is available in the account. You write a check for $25.00, but your account contains only $20. You will have to pay the bank a penalty charge for going over the limit.
  7. (OVERDRAWING) When one player draws more tiles from the bag than is appropriate. See Rule (III.C) for the penalty for this situation.
  8. (OVERDRAWING) Taking too many tiles from the bag.
  9. When an amount of money is taken out of a bank account which is greater than the balance of the account. Fees will usually be charged for overdrawn accounts and dishonoured cheques.
  10. As an archery term is a condition in which a bow string is too short for the bow; fistmele is exceeded.
  11. When more money is withdrawn from a bank account than it contains.