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outlays, plural;
  1. An amount of money spent on something

  1. spending: the act of spending or disbursing money
  2. outgo: money paid out; an amount spent
  3. In business, retail, and accounting, a cost is the value of money that has been used up to produce something, and hence is not available for use anymore. In economics, a cost is an alternative that is given up as a result of a decision. ...
  4. (Outlays) Actual cash (or electronic transfer) payments made to the States or other entities. Outlays are provided as reimbursement for the Federal share for approved highway program activities.
  5. (Outlays) Spending to pay a federal obligation.  Outlays may pay for obligations incurred in a prior fiscal year or in the current year; hence, they flow partly from unexpended balances of prior-year budget authority and partly from budget authority provided for the current year. ...
  6. (Outlays) Obligations are generally liquidated when checks are issued or cash disbursed. Such payments are called outlays. ...
  7. (OUTLAYS) Net disbursements (cash payments in excess of cash receipts) for administrative expenses and for loans and related costs and expenses (e.g. ...
  8. (Outlays) Payments on obligations in the form of cash, checks, the issuance of bonds or notes, or the maturing of interest coupons.
  9. The amount you pay the insurance company for insurance (same as premium).
  10. "The issuance of checks, disbursement of cash, or electronic transfer of funds made to liquidate a federal obligation." The term "outlays" is usually synonymous with "expenditure" or "spending."
  11. The money an investor bets or wagers is called their outlay.
  12. A payment made to meet an obligation. The point at which an actual payment of money is made.
  13. Payment on obligations. For a budget, this also includes non-cash transactions such as net-billing.
  14. The expenditure proposed to be incurred on a particular project or part thereof.
  15. The amount of money that a government actually spends within a given fiscal year..