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outcomes, plural;
  1. The way a thing turns out; a consequence
    • - it is the outcome of the vote that counts

  1. result: something that results; "he listened for the results on the radio"
  2. consequence: a phenomenon that follows and is caused by some previous phenomenon; "the magnetic effect was greater when the rod was lengthwise"; "his decision had depressing consequences for business"; "he acted very wise after the event"
  3. In game theory, an outcome is a set of moves or strategies taken by the players, or their payoffs resulting from the actions or strategies taken by all players. ...
  4. Information, event, object or state of being produced as a result or consequence of a plan, process, accident, effort or other similar action or occurrence; A positive result or consequence; The result of a random trial. ...
  5. Outcomes describe the benefits or changes for individuals or populations as a result of network activities. They may relate to behavior, skills, knowledge, attitudes, conditions or other attributes. ...
  6. (Outcomes) Changes or benefits resulting from activities and outputs. Outcomes answer the questions, “So what?” and “What difference does the program make in people’s lives?”. Outcomes may be intended or unintended; positive or negative.
  7. (Outcomes) The changes, benefits, learning or other effects that result from what the project or organisations makes, offers or provides.
  8. (Outcomes) The results of a specific health care service or benefit package.
  9. (Outcomes) Goals or desired states that a person or organization aspires to achieve.
  10. (Outcomes) The results of the provision of healthcare, usually measured in terms of patient function, cost, mortality, etc.
  11. (Outcomes) the effects or changes brought about by the activities provided by an organisation (which may be the outputs). Measurements of outcomes show the degree of its effectiveness, rather than its size or productivity. ...
  12. (OUTCOMES) Specific measurable achievements that demonstrates postive behaviors.
  13. (OUTCOMES) "What students must know, and be able to do, and be like." Determined at the national and international level, they must be met locally. ...
  14. (Outcomes(Course)) Learning outcomes that are observable, measurable and assessable; statements of the end products of student learning including knowledge, skills, competencies and attitudes. (CCAC)
  15. (Outcomes) A measurable change in opinion, attitude, awareness or knowledge following a public relations campaign. (See also Goal.)
  16. (Outcomes) Changes in targeted attitudes, values, behaviors or conditions between baseline measurement and subsequent points of measurement. Changes can be immediate, intermediate or long-term; the results/effects expected by implementing the program’s strategies.
  17. (Outcomes) Each learning objective should be measurable and include the criteria for evaluating student performance. ...
  18. (Outcomes) In Neuro-Linguistic Programming a representation of what we want in a specific context, involving all representational systems. ...
  19. (Outcomes) In education, the results of an educational experience, intended or unintended. The term usually implies measurability, although the vast majority of outcomes are not measured and many do not lend themselves to measurement. ...
  20. (Outcomes) In the context of the business plan, each strategy has an outcome(s) by which the consequence of the club or association’s goals, objectives and strategies can be measured. The outcomes must be measurable to indicate the success of implementing the plan.
  21. (Outcomes) Measurements of change occurring as a result of an intervention.
  22. (Outcomes) Participants are aware of intended outcomes – producing something, learning how to do something, beginning a project, … useful to the participants themselves and to those they may serve in turn.
  23. (Outcomes) Predicted consequences of the various possible combinations of actions and events in a decision model.
  24. (Outcomes) Quantitative results (benefits of, or difference made by) from a piece of work e.g volunteers better equipped to work in community café
  25. (Outcomes) Represented by the Division of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy, which studies the effectiveness of delivery, patient compliance, and impact among specialized populations by focusing on the economic and health outcomes of therapies and pharmaceutical policies.