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orgasms, plural;
  1. Experience an orgasm

  1. A climax of sexual excitement, characterized by feelings of pleasure centered in the genitals and (in men) experienced as an accompaniment to ejaculation

  1. the moment of most intense pleasure in sexual intercourse
  2. Orgasm (from Greek orgasmos, from organ to mature, swell, also sexual climax) is the peak of the plateau phase of the sexual response cycle, characterized by an intense of pleasure. ...
  3. Orgasm is John's Children's sole studio album, projected for release on March 18, 1967, and eventually released in September 1970. It was recorded (before Marc Bolan joined the band) at Advison Studios in London, England. ...
  4. Atrox is an avant-garde metal band from Trondheim, Norway. The group originally formed under the name "Suffocation" but soon changed it because of numerous other bands with the same name., Allmusic. ...
  5. The Orgasm is a cocktail that can be either served on the rocks or layered and drunk as a shooter. It is an IBA official cocktail.
  6. is a single released by X Japan on April 10, 1986. The title track as well as "X" would later be re-recorded for the band's second album Blue Blood. The track is notoriously known for the obvious sexual themes presented within the lyrics. ...
  7. The climax or peak of sexual pleasure which occurs during sexual activity and which in males may include ejaculation and in females vaginal contractions and vocalizations; A taste or otherwise sensual experience which may resemble the feelings of a climax; To have an orgasm
  8. (orgasmic) of or relating to the orgasm; exceedingly exciting or stimulating
  9. ("Orgasmic") (Tope Rope Hurracarana)
  10. Rhythmic muscular contractions of the genitals (sex organs) combined with waves of intense pleasurable sensations; in males, results in the ejaculation of semen.
  11. in women, vaginal rather than clitoral, the latter being a symptom of immaturity.
  12. n.s. [orgasme, Fr. οργασμος.] Sudden vehemence.
  13. 'or-ga-sm\ n: 1 : what retentionists get at every execution.
  14. The unitary involuntary convulsion of the total organism at the acme of the genital embrace. This reflex, because of its involuntary character and the prevailing orgasm anxiety, is blocked in most humans of civilizations which suppress infantile and adolescent genitality.
  15. the buildup and release of tension of muscles and nerves during sexual arousal; the climax of sexual excitement.
  16. muscular contractions along the lining of the male and female reproductive tracts
  17. I don’t need to tell you what this is, you can find out for yourself! What you might like to read about it, though, is how having one, or not having one, or having one early or late, affects getting pregnant. Read the box, Orgasm and retaining sperm, in WebPage 19.
  18. The climax of coitus, consisting of a series of involuntary muscle contractions in the anus, lower pelvic muscles, and sexual organs, accompanied by a sudden release of endorphins providing a feeling of euphoria
  19. drink made with Cointreau and Bailey's Irish Cream on ice.
  20. Your sexual energy; a creative breakthrough / An attempt to satisfy sexual or creative needs that are denied or repressed in waking life / (see SEX)
  21. The drink’s wearing off and the world is coming back into focus. Suddenly you realise that you’re having sex with the ugliest octogenarian in the world. Yuuuuchh! Time to ejaculate quickly and get the hell out of there.
  22. A series of strong, involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals experienced as pleasurable and set off by a heightened level of sexual excitation.
  23. Another word for sexual climax.
  24. (Alan Shorter, 1968)