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opportunities, plural;
  1. A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something
    • - we may see increased opportunities for export
    • - the collection gives students the opportunity of reading works by well-known authors
  2. A chance for employment or promotion
    • - career opportunities in our New York headquarters

  1. a possibility due to a favorable combination of circumstances; "the holiday gave us the opportunity to visit Washington"; "now is your chance"
  2. In US Criminal law, means, motive, and opportunity is a popular cultural summation of the three aspects of a crime needed to convince a jury of guilt in a criminal proceeding. ...
  3. Opportunity, mission designation MER-B (Mars Exploration Rover - B), is the second of the two rovers of NASA's ongoing Mars Exploration Rover Mission. ...
  4. The Opportunity is a Caroline era stage play, a comedy written by James Shirley, published in 1640. The play has been called "a capital little comedy, fairly bubbling over with clever situations and charming character."
  5. (Opportunities (Let's make lots of money)) "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money)" is a song by UK synthpop duo Pet Shop Boys, released as a single in 1985 and then in 1986, gaining greater popularity in both the UK and U.S. with its second release.
  6. a chance for advancement, progress or profit; a favorable circumstance or occasion
  7. (Opportunities) A company”s opportunities are the gains it has the potential to realize. It may have the potential to gain market share, the ability to raise cash by divesting of less-profitable units, etc. ...
  8. (Opportunities) this fund basically invests in those companies which finds new opportunities in the market. Franklin India Opportunities Fund, Reliance Equity Opportunities Fund.
  9. (Opportunities) Chances for young people to learn how to act in the world around them, to explore, express, earn, belong, and influence. Opportunities give young people the chance to test ideas and behaviors and to experiment with different roles. ...
  10. (Opportunities) Circumstances to decrease the gap between the market potential of any technology or practice and the economic potential, or technical potential.
  11. (Opportunities) Events or trends in the industry and/or market that provides competitors with a possible course for obtaining advantage. They usually apply to all or most of the competitors in the industry and in that way are different than Competitive Strengths or Competencies.
  12. (Opportunities) Marketplace openings that exist because other retailers have not yet capitalized on them.
  13. (Opportunities) On average it appears that property will continue to be an excellent investment over the medium term, while some constraints from both a slowing and ageing population may become evident over the longer term. ...
  14. (Opportunities) Put in place a best practice solution to improving every incoming call interaction that will work every hour of every day. Target specific teams for improvement such as sales consultants, service advisors, parts counter employees, or receptionists for permanent improvement.
  15. (Opportunities) The number of characteristics, parameters or features of a product or service that can be classified as acceptable or unacceptable.
  16. (Opportunities) Things that may promote the implementation of a strategy.
  17. (Opportunities) What are potential areas for growth and increased performance? The more you know about how your company and how it functions will translate into you being more aware of the opportunities that are available to be taken advantage of. ...
  18. (Opportunities) ^3 Competitive advantage (monetisation of intangible assets) realised by a company as a result of putting strong practices in place to avoid and minimise impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services. ...
  19. (Opportunities) are favourable events or circumstances that may help a company to achieve its objectives or gain a Competitive advantage.  See also: Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Opportunity analysis, Strategic early warning, SWOT analysis.
  20. (Opportunities) potential or possibilities of action and change (Common Usage) return to top
  21. (Opportunities) promotion of investments and policy support to job creation, entrepreneurship and sustainable livelihoods, and the requisite skills development.
  22. (THE OPPORTUNITIES) Improper maintenance is the primary contributor to these three key appearance retention problems:
  23. (opportunities) favourable circumstances for action; good chances for achieving an end or purpose
  24. to do an action (meaning that there is a way the action can be executed leading to a next state)
  25. "The right man is the one who seizes the moment" Johanne Wolfgang Von Goethe