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opponents, plural;
  1. Someone who competes against or fights another in a contest, game, or argument; a rival or adversary
    • - he beat his opponent by a landslide margin
  2. A person who disagrees with or resists a proposal or practice
    • - an opponent of the economic reforms

  1. characterized by active hostility; "opponent (or opposing) armies"
  2. opposition: a contestant that you are matched against
  3. adversary: someone who offers opposition
  4. The Opponent is a sports drama film released in 2000. The film stars Erika Eleniak and James Colby.
  5. An individual or group who is a rival of another; One who attempts to stop the progression of; One who objects to; In team sports, a player of an opposite team
  6. (Opponents) Personal enemies, or frenemies.
  7. (Opponents) to change argue that the current flag:
  8. a slimy individual with an ugly face.
  9. In two-player games, the other player.  You are never your own opponent, so spells or abilities that say "target opponent" can never target yourself.  In multiplayer games, you will have more than one opponent.
  10. Motto found on Homer's robe when he fought Dredrick Tatum's.
  11. White is the opponent of black and vice-versa.
  12. An opponent is a non-user who is a potential recipient of a move's effect. This definition can include the user's partner in double battles. The opponent can consist of more than one Pokémon, in which case the effect is applied to each opponent separately.
  13. A player you are playing a skirmish against.
  14. In golf an opponent is someone playing against you in a match.
  15. a person or organization that is against a proposal.
  16. A member of the other partnership or team
  17. (Opp-oh-nent) Noun – An adversary, foe or enemy. In the case of Fistaroo!, an opponent is any person, friend or stranger, that offers you a knuckle-pound, fist-bump, high-five or any other variation of this gesture other than a handshake. ...
  18. person against one in a fight, game, debate, argument, etc.
  19. حریف ۔ مقابل ۔ مخاصم ۔ مخالف ۔ جوڑ ۔ پرتبادی