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oozes, 3rd person singular present; oozed, past participle; oozing, present participle; oozed, past tense;
  1. (of a fluid) Slowly trickle or seep out of something; flow in a very gradual way
    • - blood was oozing from a wound in his scalp
    • - honey oozed out of the comb
  2. Slowly exude or discharge a viscous fluid
    • - her mosquito bites were oozing and itching like mad
  3. Give a powerful impression of (a quality)
    • - he oozed charm and poise
    • - the town oozes history
  1. Wet mud or slime, esp. that found at the bottom of a river, lake, or sea

  2. A deposit of white or gray calcareous matter largely composed of foraminiferan remains, covering extensive areas of the ocean floor

  1. seep: pass gradually or leak through or as if through small openings
  2. sludge: any thick, viscous matter
  3. seepage: the process of seeping
  4. exude: release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities; "exude sweat through the pores"
  5. (oozing) leaking out slowly
  6. The O-Force is a superhuman mutant team in the Marvel Comics Universe. Their first appearance was in X-Statix #1 and was created by Peter Millligan and Michael Allred.
  7. In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, an ooze is a type of creature. This category includes such monsters as slimes, jellies, deadly puddings, and similar mindless, amorphous blobs. They can be used by Dungeon Masters as enemies or allies of the player characters.
  8. The Ooze is a video game developed by Sega Technical Institute and released in 1995 for the Mega Drive/Genesis console. In the game, players take the role of a slimy puddle of liquid and face off against various enemies and obstacles.
  9. Potion of vegetable matter used for leather tanning; Secretion, humour; A thick often unpleasant liquid; muck; To secrete or slowly leak; To give off a sense of (something)
  10. (Oozing) Concerning PSA, referring to the condition where the sides of a roll become sticky or tacky due to the flowing out of adhesive between the layer of tape.
  11. (Oozing) A "squeezing out" of the adhesive at the edge of the tape, caused by "cold flow" of a soft adhesive.
  12. Sediment that containes at least 30 percent skeletal remains of marine organisms. May be siliceous or calcareous, or may be diatom ooze, foramineral ooze, radiolarian ooze, or pteropod ooze, depending on the organisms that are the major contributor.*
  13. a fine-grained sediment (sub-sand size particles) of either calcareous or siliceous composition; typically dominated by the skeletal remains of nannoplankton.
  14. 'NO WIN GIN:' The cruise has a ruse to use bruised booze (at least, on those who doze -- those whose snooze is no news).
  15. An obsolete term for the vegetable tanning liquor used in converting hides and skins into leather.
  16. Fine particle sediment that contains a high percentage (30% or more) of organic matter.
  17. Adhesive moving out of the ends of rolls, stacks, or sheets causing ends to feel sticky and possibly causing material to block.
  18. Whenever a card is damaged, prevent all other damage to it this turn.
  19. Killer Stark was accidentally changed into the Ooze during his encounter with the Challengers of the Unknown.
  20. massive amounts of confidence around women