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Continuing; still in progress,
  1. Continuing; still in progress
    • - ongoing negotiations

  1. currently happening; "an ongoing economic crisis"
  2. (ongoingly) In an ongoing fashion
  3. Addressed regularly as part of the business of the college rather than in response to periodic external requirements. ...
  4. Usually used in conjunction with “series.” This implies a comic book series that has no ending planned and will continue until sales dictate its cancellation. An example is Action Comics, published by DC Comics, a series that has been published nearly continuously since 1938. ...
  5. implies that goals are a process, achieving goals take time
  6. A Keyword appearing on Hero and Villain cards.  Ongoing cards remain in play after being played and can only be destroyed by cards which specifically target Ongoing cards.
  7. Appears on Plot Twist cards. Represented by an icon that looks like a clock showing 3 o'clock. Text in the Rules Text area after the word "Ongoing" is a continuous modifier on the game rules.
  8. adj. continuing to exist or progress