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Able to be noticed or perceived; discernible,
  1. Able to be noticed or perceived; discernible
    • - observable differences

  1. discernible: capable of being seen or noticed; "a discernible change in attitude"; "a clearly evident erasure in the manuscript"; "an observable change in behavior"
  2. (observably) perceptibly: in a noticeable manner; "he changed noticeably over the years"
  3. In physics, particularly in quantum physics, a system observable is a property of the system state that can be determined by some sequence of physical operations. ...
  4. Observability, in control theory, is a measure for how well internal states of a system can be inferred by knowledge of its external outputs. The observability and controllability of a system are mathematical duals.
  5. Any physical property that can be observed and measured directly and not derived from other properties; Able to be observed; Deserving to be observed
  6. (observably) To a detectable degree, sufficient to be observed; In an observable manner; Indicates that the proposition can be verified by observation
  7. (observables) Any actions that reveal indicators which are exploitable by adversaries.
  8. (Observability) The ability of the parties to a contract to observe each other's performance of that contract, or to prove their performance to the other party. Also, the ability to differentiate between intentional violations of the contract and good faith errors. ...
  9. Evolution cannot be predicted however all changes that take place can be observed, and the system can be notified about it. We might include analysis of adversarial behavior (e.g., trusted and untrusted actor).
  10. Able to be observed at the time of the inspection without the removal of fixed or finished coverings and/or stored materials.
  11. when defining viruses/malware it is the act or ability to quantify the virus(es) characteristics in its active state.