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nominees, plural;
  1. A person who is proposed or formally entered as a candidate for an office or as the recipient of a grant or award
    • - the party's presidential nominee
    • - an Oscar nominee
  2. A person or company whose name is given as having title to a stock, real estate, etc., but who is not the actual owner

  1. campaigner: a politician who is running for public office
  2. A candidate is the prospective recipient of an award or honor or a person seeking or being considered for some kind of position; for example: * to be elected to an office — in this case a candidate selection procedure occurs. * to receive membership in a group
  3. (Nominees) Nomination is part of the process of selecting a candidate for either election to an office, or the bestowing of an honor or award.
  4. A person named, or designated, by another, to any office, duty, or position; one nominated, or proposed, by others for office or for election to office
  5. (Nominees) General term for Nominal Directors, Nominal Shareholders (Members), and other nominal persons in an offshore legal entity.
  6. (Nominees) brokers, or banks acting as such, which hold a named person’s shares in a non-paper form, rather than as a share certificate (see Footnote 2).
  7. A person designated to act in the place and stead of another.
  8. A person who, in a limited sense, acts for or represents another.
  9. Someone who is nominated to deal with certain matters on behalf of another party.
  10. The person, bank or brokerage in whose name securities are transferred.
  11. A person or firm to whom securities or other properties are transferred to facilitate transactions, while leaving the customer as the actual owner.
  12. A person acting as a buyer on behalf of someone else.
  13. A nominee is an individual or entity, which acts on behalf of a beneficial owner. Most often the nominee pretends to be the owner of an entity, asset, or transaction to provide a veil of secrecy as to the beneficial owner's involvement. ...
  14. A company formed for the specific purpose of registering securities in its own name on behalf of other persons, and administering those holdings
  15. Is a company whose business is looking after the ownership of investments, property or assets on behalf of someone else.
  16. Someone who is named to carry out a task on another person’s behalf and with their authority.
  17. The person that a political party chooses to represent it in a general election. This is called nomination.
  18. The candidate chosen by a political party to run for a particular office.
  19. A Nominee is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner who helps propose a deal with creditors under a proposal of a CVA/IVA and deals with the legal issues and compliance such as chairing the Creditors Meeting, checking management accounts and forecasts.
  20. HSDL Nominees Ltd or any other nominee company wholly owned by us, or any other nominee from time to time, where your investments will be registered;
  21. Is a person appointed by a subcontractor to receive a payment on his or her behalf from a contractor. Verification of the payment status of both the subcontractor and the nominee is required in these cases.
  22. A person who holds assets on behalf of another person, called the beneficial owner. A company may also act as nominee.
  23. The person nominated or appointed by another person for a specific purpose.
  24. Licensed insolvency practitioner nominated in a proposal for an individual or corporate voluntary arrangement to act as supervisor of the arrangement.
  25. means a person who is designated by the MEMBER in terms of the RULES to receive benefits at his/her death.