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niches, plural;
  1. Place or position (something) in a niche

  1. A shallow recess, esp. one in a wall to display a statue or other ornament

  2. A comfortable or suitable position in life or employment
    • - he is now a partner at a leading law firm and feels he has found his niche
  3. A specialized but profitable corner of the market
    • - important new niche markets
  4. A position or role taken by a kind of organism within its community. Such a position may be occupied by different organisms in different localities, e.g., antelopes in Africa and kangaroos in Australia

  1. a position particularly well suited to the person who occupies it; "he found his niche in the academic world"
  2. recess: a small concavity
  3. recess: an enclosure that is set back or indented
  4. (ecology) the status of an organism within its environment and community (affecting its survival as a species)
  5. A niche in classical architecture is an exedra or an apse that has been reduced in size, retaining the half-dome heading usual for an apse. ...
  6. In ecology, a niche (or) is a term describing the relational position of a species or population in its ecosystem to each other; e.g. ...
  7. Víctor Manuel Micolta Armero, known as Niche (born 6 December 1985 in Tumaco, Colombia) is a Colombian association football player who plays striker. He holds Spanish citizenship as well since he played 10 years in Spanish football. He played alongside David Villa in Real Sporting B.
  8. Niche (foaled 1990 in Great Britain, Thoroughbred filly racehorse) is best known for winning the Group 3 classic trial the Nell Gwyn Stakes and coming 2nd in the 1,000 Guineas, before her career was cut short by a freak accident on the gallops.
  9. A niche market is the subset of the market on which a specific product is focusing; therefore the market niche defines the specific product features aimed at satisfying specific market needs, as well as the price range, production quality and the demographics that is intended to impact.
  10. A cavity, hollow, or recess, generally within the thickness of a wall, for a statue, bust, or other erect ornament. ...
  11. A small recessed area in a wall, traditionally arched at the top.
  12. A recess in a wall, usually designed to contain ornamental statues or other decorations.
  13. A section of the market tailored to users/consumers with a specific interest. Also referred to as a ‘target market’.
  14. A hollow space in a wall made for placing urns. It may be indoors or outdoors.
  15. Cellular microenvironment providing support and stimuli necessary to sustain self-renewal.
  16. A general term referring to the range of environmental space occupied by a species.
  17. the physical and functional "address" of an organism within an ecosystem; or, where a living thing is found and what it does there.
  18. A very small and targeted market, but can be quite lucrative due to the specific demand.
  19. A wall recess traditionally used to display a sculpture or ornamental object.
  20. Shallow recess in a wall or hedge, for placing a sculpture or for decorative effect.
  21. A shell-like space in a wall made for the placing of urns containing cremated remains, or inside a building for this purpose which is called a columbarium. Urns are placed in these niches as a final resting place for cremated remains.
  22. A topic or subject which a website is focused on.
  23. The biological role played by a species.
  24. A space in a columbarium, mausoleum or niche wall to hold an urn.
  25. In online jargon, it refers to a specific topic or subject. Most websites cover one or more niches. Examples include sports, gossip, humor and finance. Some niches are said to be more popular and/or profitable then others.