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Consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features,
  1. Consisting in or characterized by the absence rather than the presence of distinguishing features

  2. (of a statement or decision) Expressing or implying denial, disagreement, or refusal
    • - that, I take it, was a negative answer
  3. (of the results of a test or experiment) Indicating that a certain substance is not present or a certain condition does not exist
    • - so far all the patients have tested negative for TB
  4. (of a person or their blood) Not having a specified substance or condition
    • - HIV-negative
  5. (of a person, attitude, or situation) Not optimistic; harmful or unwelcome
    • - the new tax was having a very negative effect on car sales
    • - not all the news is negative
  6. Denoting a complete lack of something
    • - they were described as having negative vulnerability to water entry
  7. (of a word, clause, or proposition) Expressing denial, negation, or refutation; stating or asserting that something is not the case

  8. (of a quantity) Less than zero; to be subtracted from others or from zero

  9. Denoting a direction of decrease or reversal
    • - the industry suffered negative growth in 1992
  10. Of, containing, producing, or denoting the kind of electric charge carried by electrons

  11. (of a photographic image) Showing light and shade or colors reversed from those of the original

  12. Relating to or denoting any of the earth or water signs, considered passive in nature

  1. No (usually used in a military context)
    • - “Any snags, Captain?” “Negative, she's running like clockwork.”
  1. Reject; refuse to accept; veto
    • - the bill was negatived by 130 votes to 129
  2. Disprove; contradict
    • - the insurer's main arguments were negatived by Lawrence
  3. Render ineffective; neutralize
    • - should criminal law allow consent to negative what would otherwise be a crime?
  1. A word or statement that expresses denial, disagreement, or refusal
    • - she replied in the negative
  2. A bad, unwelcome, or unpleasant quality, characteristic, or aspect of a situation or person
    • - confidence will not be instilled by harping solely on the negative
    • - the bus trip and the positive media have not had time to turn his significant negatives around
  3. A word, affix, or phrase expressing negation

  4. A photographic image made on film or specially prepared glass that shows the light and shade or color values reversed from the original, and from which positive prints can be made

  5. A result of a test or experiment indicating that a certain substance is not present or a certain condition does not exist
    • - the percentage of false negatives generated by a cancer test was of great concern
  6. The part of an electric circuit that is at a lower electrical potential than another part designated as having zero electrical potential

  7. A number less than zero

  1. characterized by or displaying negation or denial or opposition or resistance; having no positive features; "a negative outlook on life"; "a colorless negative personality"; "a negative evaluation"; "a negative reaction to an advertising campaign"
  2. a reply of denial; "he answered in the negative"
  3. veto: vote against; refuse to endorse; refuse to assent; "The President vetoed the bill"
  4. a piece of photographic film showing an image with light and shade or colors reversed
  5. expressing or consisting of a negation or refusal or denial
  6. not indicating the presence of microorganisms or disease or a specific condition; "the HIV test was negative"
  7. Negative is the 1999 debut studio album from influential Serbian rock band Negative. The album was an immediate success, and it included some of the band's greatest hits. Ja bih te sanjala became their signature song. ...
  8. Electrical polarity (positive and negative) is present in every electrical circuit. Electrons flow from the negative pole to the positive pole. In a direct current (DC) circuit, one pole is always negative, the other pole is always positive and the electrons flow in one direction only. ...
  9. Negative is a Finnish glam rock band founded at the end of 1997. Members of Negative cite musical influence such as Guns N' Roses, Queen, and Hanoi Rocks . The band itself labels the music as ”emotional rock’n roll”.
  10. In photography, a negative may refer to three different things, although they are all related.
  11. In policy debate, the Negative (NEG) is the team which negates the resolution.
  12. Negative is a successful Serbian pop/rock band.
  13. an image in which dark areas represent light ones, and the converse; a word that indicates negation; a negative quantity; refusal or withholding of assents; veto; : A rep performed with weight in which the muscle begins at maximum contraction and is slowly extended; a movement performed using ...
  14. (Negatived) The rejection by the members of the General Court of a motion by a negative vote. (See also Roll Call Vote)
  15. (Negatives) May refer to the developed film strip where each image is a negative. A negative image is the reversal of a positive image, where dark appears as light tones and light appears as dark tones.
  16. (Negatives) The act of lowering a weight againt gravity, speicifcally, resisting gravity by lowering the weight slowly and under control.
  17. (Negatives) The “release” or “concentric” movement of a muscle contraction in an exercise done slowly. IE- after pulling a dumbbell up in a curl, the negative is the release of that curl to a straight-arm position fighting the negative resistance of gravity. ...
  18. (NEGATIVES) The eccentric portion (the movement of the handles from closed to open) of the gripper training. This technique is used in conjunction with cheat/forced closes and can yield one of the fastest results. ...
  19. (Negatives (negs)) A film negative version of an image area, obtained either by shooting the mechanical page with a process camera, or by running out film through an imagesetting system.
  20. (Negatives) Exercises that focus most of the energy of the lift toward the extension of the muscle and not the contraction. An example is allowing the lifter to lift the bar in the bench press from extended position to the chest and then have spotter assist to extension. ...
  21. (Negatives) HOH in seasons pass run the risk of isolating themselves from the house spending too much time locked up in the HOH bedroom. ...
  22. (Negatives) Having or reproducing the light parts of the original subject as dark areas and the dark parts as light areas. The negatives are used to create a blueline.
  23. (Negatives) The images necessary to produce pictures after a film has been processed.
  24. (Negatives) This is another great system for pushing your muscles past the point of failure. When doing your reps, go very slowly down on your reps so that you are fighting gravity. It should take you five to ten seconds on the lower of each rep and one second on the raise up. ...
  25. (Negatives) a negative (reversed) photographic image on transparent material used for printing.