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needles, plural;
  1. Prick or pierce (something) with or as if with a needle
    • - dust needled his eyes
  2. Provoke or annoy (someone), esp. by continual criticism or questioning
    • - I just said that to Charlie to needle him
  1. A very fine slender piece of polished metal with a point at one end and a hole or eye for thread at the other, used in sewing

  2. Something resembling a sewing needle in use, shape, or appearance, esp

  3. Such an instrument used in crafts such as crochet, knitting, and lacemaking

  4. The pointed hollow end of a hypodermic syringe

  5. A very fine metal spike used in acupuncture

  6. A thin, typically metal pointer on a dial, compass, or other instrument

  7. An etching tool

  8. The sharp, stiff, slender leaf of a fir or pine tree

  9. A pointed rock or peak

  10. A stylus used to play phonograph records

  11. An obelisk
    • - Cleopatra's Needle
  12. A steel pin that explodes the cartridge of a breech-loading gun

  13. A beam used as a temporary support during underpinning

  1. acerate leaf: the leaf of a conifer
  2. goad or provoke,as by constant criticism; "He needled her with his sarcastic remarks"
  3. a slender pointer for indicating the reading on the scale of a measuring instrument
  4. prick with a needle
  5. a sharp pointed implement (usually steel)
  6. phonograph needle: a stylus that formerly made sound by following a groove in a phonograph record
  7. The conifers, division Pinophyta, also known as division Coniferophyta or Coniferae, are one of 13 or 14 division level taxa within the Kingdom Plantae. Pinophytes are gymnosperms. ...
  8. The Needle is a comic book character. He is a mutant supervillain in Marvel Comics' main shared universe. Created by Mark Gruenwald, Carmine Infantino, and Al Gordon, the character first appeared in Spider-Woman #9 (December 1978).
  9. Needle (I11) is a Dungeons & Dragons module. Author: Frank Mentzer (1987)
  10. Needle is a 1950 novel written by Hal Clement, originally published the previous year in Astounding Science Fiction magazine. The book was notable in that it broke new ground in the science fiction field by postulating an alien lifeform, not hostile, which could live within the human body. ...
  11. (Needles (Amtrak station)) The Needles Amtrak station is a train station in Needles, California, United States served by Amtrak, the national railroad passenger system.
  12. (Needles (horse)) Needles (1953–1984) was an American Hall of Fame Champion Thoroughbred racehorse. Bred and raced in Florida, the descendant of Blenheim II and a son and grandson of Kentucky Derby winners Ponder and Pensive, Needles was a sickly foal who was given his name because of the ...
  13. A long, thin, sharp implement usually for piercing such as sewing, or knitting, acupuncture, tattooing, body piercing, medical injections etc; A long, thin device for indicating measurements on a dial or graph, e.g. ...
  14. (needles) Obsolete spelling of needless
  15. (NEEDLES) You will also want to pick up a package of assorted “sharps”, which are hand sewing needles. They are often called all-purpose needles. Look for packages of sharps with larger eyes, as they will be easier to thread. ...
  16. (Needles (Forestry)) Sewing is easy in a coniferous forest, since needles abound.
  17. (Needles) A class of snow flakes that are acicular in shape (their length is much longer than their diameter, like a needle). One of the 4 classes of snow flakes.
  18. (Needles) Elongated acicular crystals, tapering at each end to a fine point, as martensite.
  19. (Needles) Generally a needle with a blunt tip and a large eye is best for cross stitching. These are usually tapestry needles in sizes 24 or 26.
  20. (Needles) It is important to use the right needle for each task, whether sewing by hand or machine.  Straight hand needles tend to be labeled indicating their use and have only three variables: length, eye size and thickness of shaft. ...
  21. (Needles) Long, thin, inclusions in gemstones caused by gas within the crystal.
  22. (Needles) Temporary cross beams used to support construction above
  23. (Needles) aiguilles de pin, de sapin
  24. (Needles) are thin, long, needle - like crystals of new snow.
  25. (Needles) called points, rigs, slammers