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murals, plural;
  1. Of, like, or relating to a wall
    • - a mural escarpment
  2. Of, relating to, or occurring in the wall of a body cavity or blood vessel
    • - mural thrombosis
  1. A painting or other work of art executed directly on a wall

  1. a painting that is applied to a wall surface
  2. of or relating to walls; "mural painting"
  3. A mural is any piece of artwork painted directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.
  4. Grupo Reforma is the largest printed media company in Mexico and Latin America. It publishes 10 daily newspapers in 5 cities, including the leading newspapers in Mexico's 3 largest cities. Reforma in Mexico City, El Norte in Monterrey and Mural in Guadalajara. ...
  5. A large painting, usually drawn on a wall
  6. (murally) With a mural crown; found chiefly in the phrases murally crowned and murally gorged
  7. (Murals) A mural is defined as a painted picture on a wall or ceiling.
  8. (Murals) The House contains a colorful panorama of Pennsylvania history in the murals of Edwin Austin Abbey; the most commanding of the series hangs behind the speaker’s rostrum
  9. A large design or picture, generally created on the wall of a public building.
  10. A large wall painting, often executed in fresco.
  11. scene or image painted or wallpapered onto a wall. i.e. trompe l'oeil
  12. A large artwork, usually a painting, that is created or placed on a wall or ceiling, often in a public place. A muralist creates murals.
  13. A continuous painting which is designed to fill a wall or other architectural area.
  14. Wall surface that has been treated with a paint, tile, or vinyl graphic pattern, image, or shape. Historically murals have been either hand-painted or mosaics. Now murals can be achieved using large-format digital prints that can emulate any material or finish desired.
  15. A large-scale type of piecing, done top to bottom on a wall; usually a large production involving one or two pieces and usually some form of characters.
  16. a painting made on a wall, often outside and usually a large image (see also TYPE) (Example).
  17. pertaining to a wall of an organ or part.
  18. A painted scene or other type of graphic that does not contain any copy and does not provide information concerning the establishment or any product, good or service offered by the establishment.
  19. From the Latin word for walls, a mural is a large painting or decoration, either painted directly on the wall, such as a fresco, or prepared separately and affixed to the wall.
  20. Also referred to as wall painting. this word describes any painting made directly on the wall.
  21. A large image that is applied directly to a wall or ceiling.
  22. Attached to, or of the nature of a wall.
  23. A painting that covers most or all of a wall, often a fresco.
  24. At the entrance to the living quarters there is a mural (painted by Desmond, according to the season two bonus disk) featuring among other things the numbers 108 and 42, one black and one white face, stick figures, fish, a sun, waves, houses, and an arrow.
  25. Large painting created either directly on a solid surface or separately and then attached.