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moorings, plural;
  1. A place where a boat or ship is moored
    • - the boat had been at its usual moorings immediately prior to the storm
  2. The ropes, chains, or anchors by or to which a boat, ship, or buoy is moored
    • - the great ship slipped its moorings and slid out into the Atlantic
  3. The ideas, beliefs, or habits to which one is accustomed and from which one gains security or stability
    • - we can lose our spiritual moorings and drift into uncertain waters

  1. a place where a craft can be made fast
  2. (nautical) a line that holds an object (especially a boat) in place
  3. Mooring or Bökingharde Frisian (Böökinghiirder frasch) is a dialect of the North Frisian language spoken in Niebüll and the amt of Bökingharde in the German region of North Frisia. The name Mooring refers to the Risum Bog (Risem Moor or Risem Måår). ...
  4. A mooring in oceanography is a collection of devices, connected to a wire and temporarily anchored on the sea floor. The devices are current meters to measure the direction and speed of ocean currents, sediment traps to catch settling particles from the water column or experimental chambers, e. ...
  5. A vessel is said to be moored when it is fastened to a fixed object such as a bollard, pier, quay or the seabed, or to a floating object such as an anchor buoy.
  6. The Mooring is an upcoming film starring Hallie Todd, Thomas Wilson Brown, and ten young actors from across the United States. The film is a suspense thriller scheduled for a 2010 release, and was directed by veteran actor Glenn Withrow. The film was shot on location in St. ...
  7. (The Moorings) The Moorings is a guard-gated private community in the unincorporated East Islip hamlet of Suffolk County, New York and is not a census-designated place (CDP) within itself. It is situated on Long Island's Great South Bay.
  8. A place to moor a vessel; The act of securing a vessel with a cable or anchor etc
  9. (moorings) place where a ship anchors
  10. (Moorings) Finally caravan very important – the number of people sleeping in the caravan.
  11. (Moorings) the ties attacked to the ship to dock it at a pier. The term also applies to the place were the ship is docked.
  12. Permanent ground tackle fixed to a buoy that boats can tie to.
  13. A heavy anchor or weight permanently in position.
  14. A place where a boat can be moored. Usually a buoy marks the location of a firmly set anchor.
  15. A place to tie or fasten a boat. As used in the CHANCE web site, this is a line or chain to a floating buoy that fasten to a submerged screw anchor.
  16. A string of instruments designed to be left unattended for long periods of time. Moorings give scientists the ability to look at how water properties and currents change over time.
  17. A place on the water where a boat or ship is secured. Can also mean the ropes, chains or anchors by which the boat is tied.
  18. An arrangement for securing a boat to a mooring buoy or a pier.
  19. A fixed float with a permanent anchor, used for overnight storage of a boat
  20. The means of tying a vessel to a pier, dock buoy or other vessel.
  21. a device by which a vessel is held in place.
  22. Anchor, chain, buoy, pennant, etc. by which a vessel is permanently anchored in one location.
  23. Securing a ship at a pier or elsewhere by several lines or cables so as to limit its movement.
  24. Securing a ship in position by lines so she cannot move or swing; anchoring.
  25. May be an anchor or weight, permanently attached to the sea floor, with a surface buoy, used to keep the boat in a given safe area.