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monographs, plural;
  1. Write a monograph on; treat in a monograph

  1. A detailed written study of a single specialized subject or an aspect of it
    • - a series of monographs on music in late medieval and Renaissance cities

  1. a detailed and documented treatise on a particular subject
  2. A monograph is a work of writing upon a single subject, usually by a single author. It is often a scholarly essay or learned treatise, and may be released in the manner of a book or journal article. It is by definition a single document that forms a complete text in itself. ...
  3. Monograph was a London-based indie rock band started in 1995.
  4. A scholarly book or a treatise on a single subject or a group of related subjects, usually written by one person; To write a monograph on (a subject)
  5. (2. Monographs) Much information on modern Turkish history and politics will be found in the works dealing primarily with topography, finance, law and defence, which have been cited above. See also S. Lane-Poole, Life of Lord Stratford de Redcliffe (2 vols., London, 1888); A. ...
  6. (Monographs) Books; typically give a broad, thorough treatment of a subject, usually from a retrospective point of view.
  7. (Monographs) These are issued to provide strong suggestions or clarification on contentious issues. They are not binding, but are viewed to be important.
  8. A work, generally short, dealing with a single subject and usually issued in pamphlet form.
  9. A non-serial work, complete in one part or set, usually on a narrowly defined single topic.
  10. A scholarly book or pamphlet on a specific subject. Usually, it is used synonymously for book.
  11. A work on a specific topic published as a discrete item; generally, a book or any item treated as a book as opposed to an article or essay in a periodical.
  12. A specialist book dealing with one particular subject
  13. A publication that appears one time only. Books or reports are monographs; periodicals or serials are not.
  14. A book or singular publication that is bound by itself. Title information is not saved into the library bindery database for future use.
  15. A single authored book in a single specialised academic area, published by a scholarly publisher. There may be scope to turn a doctoral thesis into a monograph in some disciplines.
  16. Usually refers to a non-fiction book or other stand-alone publication (as opposed to a periodical or article).
  17. An item that is published on one subject. Usually a book. The opposite of a Serial.
  18. A separate treatise or thesis on a single subject.
  19. A nonserial item (i.e., an item either complete in one part or complete, or intended to be completed, in a finite number of separate parts).
  20. A nonfiction scholarly book. Technically, one long nonfiction composition on one topic/issue. So most scholarly books are monographs, but books of essays and volumes of journal articles are NOT monographs.
  21. A publication which is not designed to be published in successive parts at regular or irregular intervals but which is complete in itself, e.g. a book.
  22. A broader term for print items that are complete in themselves, such as a book or pamphlet. Compare with serials.
  23. A scholarly piece of writing (often book length) dealing with a detailed, yet often limited, subject.
  24. A complete and separate publication, such as a book.
  25. A document that summarizes our current knowledge about a given topic at the time of writing. You can find all our monographs in the section of the site for health professionals.