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Mondays, plural;
  1. The day of the week before Tuesday and following Sunday
    • - I saw him on Monday
    • - the Monday before last
    • - Monday morning
  1. On Monday
    • - I'll call you Monday
  2. On Mondays; each Monday
    • - the restaurant is closed Mondays

  1. the second day of the week; the first working day
  2. Licht (Light), subtitled "The Seven Days of the Week," is a cycle of seven operas composed by Karlheinz Stockhausen which, in total, lasts over 29 hours.
  3. Monday is an award winning one-woman stage play written and performed by Actress and Playwright Gloria Williams and directed by Ellie Joseph. The play was produced under the Theatre company Freedom Tongues and developed as part of the Royal Court Theatre Young Writers group. ...
  4. The sixth season of the science fiction television series The X-Files commenced airing on the Fox Broadcasting Network in the United States on November 8, 1998, concluding on the same channel on May 16, 1999, and contained 22 episodes. ...
  5. (The mondays) Working time is the period of time that an individual spends at paid occupational labor. Unpaid labors such as personal housework are not considered part of the working week. ...
  6. The name comes from the Anglo-Saxon monandaeg, "the moon's day". This second day was sacred to the goddess of the moon.
  7. Once a perfectly good name for a day of the week, "Monday" is now the new name of PwC Consulting. The spin-off from PriceWaterhouseCoopers wanted a name that was "real" not an invented term like Accenture. So it paid a brand consultancy firm $110 million to come up with "Monday."
  8. 20.00 - 21.00 Bushey Grove Leisure Centre, WD23 2TD
  9. Because it is rarely a meeting day, most frequently Monday evenings are reserved for family Bible study. Monday is Bethel family study night all over the world. (See also {first day of the week}.)
  10. gathering of assistants, backgrounds laid on except where sketching in not completed
  11. Introduce the week’s vocabulary words. Through discussion, have your children come up with beginning definitions for the words. Write these definitions down, but then go to a good dictionary for an “official” explanation of the words. Write these down as well. ...
  12. eWORLD: Keep up with what’s new in technology, computers and latest gadgets & the business of technology.
  13. Tuesday / Friday Night Delight"^[161]^[162]^[163]
  14. is the Fed’s preferred consumer inflation measure. May’s Personal Consumption Expenditures index should confirm flat consumer inflation with and without food and energy prices included. Rates even or better.
  15. No clinic/salon. Front Reception open.
  16. Southwood Grower's Market Esplanade Way Southwood Office Complex 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  17. Students are introduced to the new lesson, containing 15 targeted vocabulary words. You will begin with a vocabulary matrix and write what you already know about the word (or what you think you know:).
  18. Write the words three times each.
  19. Positive (perception) thinking
  20. 10:00 am | through | 7:00 pm
  21. dilluns Friday: divendres
  22. n mom-pasin mom-pasin
  23. Program verification
  24. The day begins with a topical meeting, identifying the biggest story for the show's opening. This is followed by a free-form pitch meeting with Lorne Michaels and the show's host for the week. ...
  25. Philippine Nationalism Through Industry