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Average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree,
  1. Average in amount, intensity, quality, or degree
    • - we walked at a moderate pace
  2. (of a person, party, or policy); not radical or excessively right- or left-wing
    • - a moderate reform program
  1. Make or become less extreme, intense, rigorous, or violent
    • - I shall not moderate my criticism
    • - his moderating influence in the army was now needed more than ever
    • - the weather has moderated considerably
  2. (in academic and ecclesiastical contexts) Preside over (a deliberative body) or at (a debate)
    • - a panel moderated by a Harvard University law professor
  3. Preside; act as a moderator

  4. Monitor (an Internet bulletin board or chat room) for inappropriate or offensive content

  5. Retard (neutrons) with a moderator

  1. A person who holds moderate views, esp. in politics

  1. being within reasonable or average limits; not excessive or extreme; "moderate prices"; "a moderate income"; "a moderate fine"; "moderate demands"; "a moderate estimate"; "a moderate eater"; "moderate success"; "a kitchen of moderate size"; "the X-ray showed moderate enlargement of the heart"
  2. centrist: a person who takes a position in the political center
  3. preside over; "John moderated the discussion"
  4. not extreme; "a moderate penalty"; "temperate in his response to criticism"
  5. make less fast or intense; "moderate your speed"
  6. control: lessen the intensity of; temper; hold in restraint; hold or keep within limits; "moderate your alcohol intake"; "hold your tongue"; "hold your temper"; "control your anger"
  7. In politics and religion, a moderate is an individual who is not extreme, partisan or radical.
  8. Honour Moderations (or Mods) are a first set of examinations at Oxford University in England during the first part of the degree course for some courses (e.g., Greats or Literae Humaniores).
  9. One who holds an intermediate position between the extremes relevant in a political context; Similar middle-grounder in any other context; To reduce the excessiveness of (something); To become less excessive; To preside over (something) as a moderator; To act as a moderator; to assist in ...
  10. (moderately) mid gemete; gemetlice
  11. The Moderates are one of the numerous factions of the Sabbat opposing what they consider the sect's growing rigidity. They are not as vehement as the Loyalist's, but oppose the growing number of rules and regulations that have no place among Cainites in their eyes, either. ...
  12. Buyer needs are seasonal or average, product movement is "normal."
  13. A person whose opinions, especially their political ones, are not extreme.
  14. Lethargic; eyes open to stimulation. Some brain swelling or bleeding causing sleepiness, but still arousable.
  15. This is a moderate profile facility (not well known outside the local area) that provides a potential target. The levels of deterrence and/or defense provided by the existing countermeasures are marginally adequate.
  16. Some controls required to reduce risk to lower levels
  17. Isolated (one to 4) M-class x-ray events.
  18. (adjective): regarding Democrats: a non-existent, mythical being (they are all extremists, especially when running for office); regarding Republicans: see traitor.
  19. generally, a "middle-of-the-road" set of beliefs, rather than an ideology
  20. Not flat, but not bad.  There are likely to be a couple of short burps or hiccups and/or a couple of slow short rises.  Still a beginner ride.
  21. "Dyspnea interferes with or limits usual activity"; peak expiratory flow rate 40−69 percent predicted or personal best
  22. Residents in these units must be moderate-income persons and families who meet Income Limits established by MSHDA and the Tenant Selection Criteria. no rent subsidy is offered on any of these units. ...
  23. A leftist/socialist (in denial). When a leftist wants to be perceived favorably, he'll claim the label "Moderate" so as to lend some degree of credibility to his radical, anti-rights, anti-American position. ...
  24. Political moderates claim to represent the view of the majority of people. Mainstream is used as an alterate to Moderate. ...